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The third deposit of the Land Settlement Association papers, films and photographs were deposited in 2007, and the cataloguing of this archive is now finished. The catalogue is available here (pdf, 1.59MB ). As part of this project several films and photographs have been digitised and made available.  The first and second deposits of the Land Settlement Association have been catalogued and made available at Discovery National Archives Catalogue

CR 3LSA PH1 A 16a







The Land Settlement Association was established in 1934 to provide employment on the land for unemployed industrial workers from depressed areas. Posters and pamphlets were distributed through employment exchanges inviting men to apply. They were vetted for suitability to the rural life and given a medical examination. The men received agricultural training and each family was given 5 acres to cultivate plus livestock to rear. The small holdings were run as a co-operative, but many communities failed when men complained of the long hours, low pay and isolation of rural life. Recruitment to the scheme ceased at the outbreak of World War II. The settlements were dissolved and privatised in 1983. 

 CR 3LSA PH1 A 9a





The catalogues for the other Land Settlement Association deposits are available at Discovery National Archives Catalogue.

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