Object-based Learning for Higher Education

Crocodile handbag, COle Museum of Zoology, University of Reading

Object-based Learning for Higher Education (OBL4HE), a project funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), aims to help students learn about and use museum collections at University College London and Reading University more effectively.

It is a partnership between University College London, the University of Reading and the Collections Trust.

Digitisation of about 10,000 sources (objects and archive documents) is being undertaken and these are being combined with already digitised sources to create a source base of about 150,000 digital assets. Up to 18 e-learning resources based on these are being developed.

Resources using UCL collections will include 'Representations of Shakespeare', which uses 21 artworks, and 'Obs and Gynae teaching specimens ', which includes digital pathology specimens and aims to help practitioners improve patient care.

Resources based on Reading's campus museums have Museum Studies students in mind but can be used by anyone:

MERL staff talk about their work. Click here

Two zoology museum curators talk about the ethics of displaying animal and human remains. Click here

Ure museum curator Amy Smith talks about how research has informed a display about the Greek symposium. Click here

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