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The country potter

Mary Wondrausch OBE

The Pottery / Brickfields / Compton / Guildford / Surrey / GU3 1HZ
01483 414097

Dates of filming: 23rd August 2006

Some crafts delight in a touch of quirkiness and creative flair to go alongside the skill and technique involved in the process itself. There is an unconventionality in the lifestyle of the craftsperson which the customer buys into when purchasing the product.

Mary Wondrausch readily admits to living a varied and at times unconventional life. Now in her 80s, for the last 30 years she has been working as a potter in Surrey. Her speciality is decorative slipware which has a tradition in England going back over four centuries. The commemorative plate, to celebrate a special birthday or wedding anniversary, has been a staple of her business but she still likes to experiment and try new things. Her base in the village of Compton was once the site of a country brickworks and now plays host to the full range of Mary’s artistic energy.

Country PotterCountry PotterCountry PotterCountry PotterCountry Potter

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