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Rules for Women's Halls of Residence, 1932

reproduced from The University of Reading : the first fifty years by J. C. Holt


  1. Students must observe the silence hours in Hall. The Hall is closed normally at 10.30 pm. All lights must be extinguished by 11.0 pm, unless extension of time has been specially granted.
  2. No student may be absent from Hall after dinner without the Warden's permission. Senior students are allowed certain privileges with regard to leave until 10.30 pm on a limited number of nights each term.
  3. Visitors must leave the Hall by 6.0 pm. Men visitors may not be received in students' rooms without the permission of the Warden.
  4. Students may not go on the river unless the Warden has the written permission of their parents or guardians.
  5. Any case of illness must be reported to the Warden immediately. Unless a student's parent or guardian has nominated a doctor, the Warden will select one to attend the student when necessary. No student may consult a doctor without the Warden's knowledge.
  6. Any student wishing to leave Reading during term must apply to the Warden for the application form at least five days before the period of leave desired. Attention is drawn to the University Regulations upon this subject.
  7. Musical instruments, gramophones, etc., may not be played on Hall premises except at times and in places authorised by the Warden.
  8. The Committee for the Management of Women's Halls of Residence reserves the right to the use of students' rooms during vacations or in the absence of students through illness or other cause.
  9. Students will be held responsible for any damage done to rooms or furniture.
  10. Students are warned against leaving money or valuables in their rooms or in cloakrooms. The University cannot accept responsibility for any losses that may be incurred.