Introduction to the Timeline

The Timeline shows notable new technologies (inventions) and manufacturer events from the early 1700's up to the First World War.

To make it easier to view, and to put things into perspective we have sub-divided the Timeline into 5 periods of interest, each with it's own introductory notes.

The items listed on the Timeline are divided into 3 categories and are listed against a date. The first category shows notable inventions, the second category shows events relating to individual manufacturers of interest and the third shows some general events that help put the dates into perspective.

By clicking on the highlighted items you will be shown further details relating to that item where applicable. From these detail pages you will be able to action a search of the MERL database of archives. The primary area of interest here are pages scanned from manufacturer catalogies advertising the various new technologies as they came onto the market.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of the museums archives then please visit the MERL website.

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