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Capito Rat and Mouse Trap
Capito Rat and Mouse trap
  Capito Rat and Mouse Trap (From The Ironmonger, 1900)
This advertisement clearly demonstrates the way in which the perpetual mousetrap works, described as the "Greatest Success of the Century". Bait is placed just inside the door. The rat or mouse is lured in. The weight of the mouse on the platform inside the door releases a hook that closes the door, trapping the mouse inside. As its exit has been blocked the mouse is forced onwards and upwards to the top of the trap. At the top of the trap the mouse topples into the canister of water below and drowns. However, at the top of the trap is a device connected to the front door by a wire. As the mouse falls to its death it operates the device which opens the door for the next unsuspecting mouse.
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