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P_SHA_PH2_2_16Colin Shaw completed a Masters in Graphic Design in 1984, which focused on the way photographs are used to communicate. Following this he embarked on the 'Farmwork' project with an aim to document everyday life and work for people employed on farms. The project culminated in three touring exhibitions which visited 80 different venues from galleries to village halls across the country. Colin developed all of the test and final mounted prints himself over 5 months in his dark room at home.P_SHA_PH2_2_9








The collection contains over 600 sets of black and white negatives and contact prints, prints and mounted exhibition prints for the 'Farmwork' series. There are colour negatives, transparancies, contact prints and test prints for the 'M40' project documenting life before and during the inital construction of the M40 motorway in Warwickshire.

More information

  • A full description is available on our online database

  • The 'Farmwork' series of black and white negatives are catalogued on our online database, with prints and mounted exhibition prints currently being added.
  • Reference number P SHA

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