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SIAM-IMA Student Chapter Conference!

On Friday 7th June, the annual SIAM-IMA Student Chapter Conference took place at the University of Reading. The first session of the day started with an energetic talk from Dr Karl-Mikael Perfekt, based at the University of Reading, on the spectrum of double layer potentials on particular domains. We then heard two student talks, from Erwin Luesink, Imperial College London, on stochastic modelling of the ocean and Tsz Yan Leung, University of Reading, on atmospheric predictability.

This first session was followed by an opportunity to mingle and discuss with PhD students and academics over a buffet lunch. We had nine posters covering a range of applications, from weather to the oceans to black holes! To add to the excitement, participants were given voting slips to vote for their favourite poster and talk.

After lunch, we moved on to the more statistical side of applied mathematics, with a diverse talk from Prof. Valentina Escott-Price, from Cardiff University, demonstrating how and where genetics can benefit from machine learning techniques. Our student talks continued with talks on a new method to improve the convergence of Monte Carlo Markov Chains by Tobias Schwedes and a new approach for dealing with Climate-related uncertainty in power system planning by Adriaan Hilbers, both postgraduate students based in Imperial College London.

Time for another break with more chance for discussion and the beginning of new collaborations over coffee and biscuits, and an opportunity for participants to find out more about the societies that sponsored the conference: SIAM, the IMA and LMS, in particular from the IMA representative, Erica Tyson, attending.

The last session of the day began with Prof. Nick Trefethen from University of Oxford, demonstrating a different approach to deal with randomness and stochastic equations arising from a variety of applications, using the CHEBFUN software. Last but not least we heard from Imperial College student Mariana Clare about her research on numerical techniques to assess erosion and Maha Kaouri, from our department, working on optimisation methods for data assimilation.

Lastly, we finished our day with a drinks reception when the prizes for best oral and poster presentation were announced. Erica Tyson, alongside the keynote speakers, awarded Mariana Clare for her talk, Sebastiano Roncoroni, from UoR, and Sara Perez from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, for best and runner-up poster.

The discussions continued over dinner in the Queen’s Head pub. In fact we did see someone writing down maths at the dinner table - so the day must have been a success!

Thank you to everyone who attended. We had a really successful day, and learned lots on a range of topics in applied and insutrial mathematics and statistics.I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible, especially my committee: Giulia, Ieva, Andre and Maria, who worked really hard to get everything perfect; Sam Williams and Brigitte Calderon from the department who helped us prepare everything right until the last minute; our keynote speakers; our contributed student speakers and poster presenters; Erica Tyson from the IMA who kindly shared information on the IMA and provided book prizes for our top student talks and posters and of course SIAM, the IMA and LMS who funded the day!!
Please share anything you learned or enjoyed about the day on twitter with our hastag #SICReading19 and follow us @SIAMReading

Laura Mansfield, 8th June 2019

SIAM Seminar Watch Party!

Thanks to all who came to watch two very interesting talks yesterday by Steven Brunton and Jack Dongarra. And of course thank you to SIAM for hosting the Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE19) in Washington and for making the seminars available to watch online.

Laura Mansfield, 1st March 2019

SIAM Seminar Watch Party!

On Thursday 28th February we will stream a seminar from the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE19) in Washington. Please join us from 4pm in room 304. We will be streaming two talks: 4.15pm: "Data-Driven Discovery and Control of Complex Systems: Uncovering Interpretable and Generalizable Nonlinear Models " - Steven Brunton, University of Washington, U.S. 4.45pm: ”The Singular Value Decomposition: Anatomy of an Algorithm, Optimizing for Performance " - Jack Dongarra,University of Tennessee, Knoxville, U.S. Some snacks, beer and soft drinks will be provided. Click here for further details on the conference (and you can also stream any other seminars you are interested from this link)

Laura Mansfield, 21st February 2019


We are very excited to announce that our annual SIAM-IMA Student Chapter conference will be held on Friday 7th June 2019 at Reading University. We have 3 confirmed keynote speakers: Nick Trefethen from the University of Oxford, Valentina Escott-Price from the University of Cardiff and our own Karl-Mikael Perfekt. We will also be putting out a call for contributed talks later in the year. For now, please save the date in your diaries!

Laura Mansfield, 10th January 2019

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