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SIAM National Student Chapter Conference 2015

29th May 2015, University of Reading

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About the conference:

The University of Reading SIAM chapter will be hosting the 4th SIAM National Student Chapter Conference on 29th May 2015. The conference will be a one day event with plenary talks from Elizabeth Mansfield and Albrecht Böttcher, as well as talks from students on varied topics in applied and industrial mathematics. The day will also involve a poster session. Information about the previous SIAM National Student Chapter conferences can be found here:
Manchester 2012, Warwick 2013, Oxford 2014.

Conference schedule

The conference will take place on the university's London Road campus. Please see this map for directions.

Plenary speakers:

Elizabeth Mansfield: "Moving frames with applications"
Lie group based moving frames offer a significant new symbolic technology for the study of differential systems. In this talk, I will demonstrate how the updated concept of a moving frame allows one to obtain invariants and differential relations between invariants, with ease and clarity. Applications of moving frames, and its new, discrete counterpart, range from classical differential geometry to discrete integrable systems, computer vision and invariant numerical methods, so this is an excellent set of ideas and methods for any modern applied mathematician to have in their tool kit.
Albrecht Böttcher: "Toeplitz determinants and lattice theory"
A lattice is a discrete subgroup in a finite-dimensional Euclidean space. Lattice theory has numerous applications, for instance, in discrete optimization or coding theory. One of these applications consists in associating lattices with elliptic or related curves over finite fields, which are of prominent use in coding theory, and then to connect arithmetic properties of the curve with geometric properties of the lattice. A basic quantity of every lattice is the volume of its fundamental domains. This volume is the determinant of some matrix, and in several interesting cases this matrix is just a perturbed Toeplitz matrix. The generating function of this Toeplitz matrix is in general not well-behaved, so that the classical Szego limit theorem for Toeplitz determinants cannot be used. It rather turns out that the generating function is often a so-called Fisher-Hartwig symbol. As such symbols are also emerging in statistical physics, their determinants have been thoroughly studied for decades. The results of these studies now prove to be of use in lattice theory. The talk is an introduction to some aspects of lattice theory and Toeplitz determinants and also exhibits some recent results obtained in joint work with Lenny Fukshansky, Stephan Ramon Garcia, and Hiren Maharaj.


Please register and apply to give a talk/poster using our form found here.

Important dates
Extended to 27th March 2015 - Talk submission deadline
1st May 2015 - Registration deadline


Registration is free.
We have a limited amount of funding to pay for attendees' travel expenses. Priority will be given to speakers, however we cannot guarantee reimbursement until the day of the conference.
The conference dinner will be free for speakers.