Seminars and other events

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics runs several seminar series each term. Below is a summary of all our forthcoming seminars and events. For further information please follow the relevant links.


Date  Speaker/event  Topic  Seminar series/event 
24 October 2017  Agis Athanassoulis (Dundee)  Rogue Waves and Penrose-modulation stability analysis for waves with continuous spectra PDE Seminars 
31 October 2017  Marco Squassina (Brescia,  Italy) Approximation results for magnetic Sobolev norms  PDE Seminars 
1 November 2017  One Day Combinatorics Colloquium  Combinatorics  Old Codgers Combinatorics Colloquium
14 November 2017  Eugenios Kakariadis (Newcastle) Colloquium in Analysis:
How operators read factorial languages  
PDE Seminars 
17 November 2017  Nick Simm (Warwick University)  tba  Analysis Seminars 
24 November 2017  Jennifer Scott (Reading) tba  Inaugural Lecture 
6 December 2017  Kristian Seip (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)  tba  Distinguished Colloquium

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