Morley Distinguished Lecture

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

This lecture, which is intended as a prestigious annual event, is named after Edith Morley, who was the first woman appointed a university professor in the UK (1908), at University College, Reading, which in 1926 became the University of Reading.

The Second Distinguished Morley Lecture will be given by Prof Dame Julia Slingo OBE on
Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 2 pm in the Madejski Lecture Theatre, Agriculture Building, University of Reading.

Weather forecasting and climate prediction: recent successes and future prospects
Prof Dame Julia Slingo OBE, Met Office Chief Scientist

The seminar will address recent scientific advances from the Met Office science programme including new developments in local scale weather forecasting, seasonal predication and the pause in global surface warming.

It will also look at some of the new developments on the horizon and how increased supercomputer power will help.

Details of previous Lectures:

The inaugural Lecture was given by Professor Margaret H. Wright (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University).

"The unfinished story of a popular yet controversial method for derivative-free optimization"
Margaret Wright (Courant Institute, New York University)

First published in 1965, the Nelder-Mead "Simplex" algorithm remains, after almost 50 years, one of the most widely used methods for derivative-free optimization, despite known flaws such as stagnation and slow/failed convergence. Although its implementation is straightforward, researchers have struggled to obtain minimal convergence results and (even harder) to explain its observed performance, which varies from successful to erratic. This talk will touch on selected interesting properties of the Nelder-Mead method.

Monday 4th March 2013, 2pm, in the Sutcliffe Lecture Theatre (GU01 in Meteorology, Earley Gate)

The lecture will be introduced by Professor Christine Williams PVC, and followed by refreshments in the Meteorology coffee room.  All are welcome to attend.




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