Politics and international relations: useful websites

This page lists useful, free internet resources for politics and international relations. See databases for politics and international relations for a list of key online sources purchased by the University to help you find information in this subject.

Key sites

  • Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
    An extensive list of links, compiled by Richard Kimber, formerly a lecturer in politics at the University of Keele, to the most significant resources relevant to the study of politics and government.

Guides and tutorials

  • Internet for Government and Politics
    One of a series of tutorials written for the Intute Virtual Training Suite. This tutorial aims to improve Internet information skills, knowledge of key Internet sites, Internet search skills and critical thinking skills. The links basket option provides a useful listing of sites relevant to politics.

  • Evaluating websites: a guide
    Hints on assessing the reliability of information you find on the Internet.

  • The web
    A brief guide to finding information which includes links to the main search engines.

General Politics-related sites

  • Directgov
    Links to all UK central and local government websites. Searchable by subject over the whole site.

  • CIA World Factbook
    Detailed facts and figures on every country in the world, compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency (USA). Includes maps and flags. Updated periodically throughout the year.

European politics

  • Economist - Europe
    European articles from previous issues of The Economist. Articles by subject, and country briefings, including basic and economic data, and the political structure, are available.

  • Chatham House
    One of the world's leading organisations for the analysis of international issues. Research papers and press releases are available in full text. (Formerly Royal Institute of International Affairs).

  • e-IR
    e-International Relations is an independent student-run website for people who are interested in international politics. Free access to world news stories, links to blogs and podcasts from universities and think tanks.

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Newsroom
    This section contains the latest press releases, ministerial speeches and statements, together with news files that provide background information on topical events.

  • International Relations and Security Network
    Based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, this is a free database of full-text materials on international relations, area studies, security, and human rights, updated daily. Policy briefs, special reports and podcasts are available.

  • Lancaster index
    The Lancaster Index to Defence and International Security Literature is an on-line bibliographic database, indexed and cross-referenced, of journal articles and monographs dealing with military and security affairs. Abstracts are provided. Some material is in full text, without payment of a site subscription.

  • Net Effect - Foreign policy
    Discussion and comment on how Web 2.0 technology is changing foreign policy and diplomacy. The main emphasis is on current materials

  • Presseurop
    Selected news items from 250 sources translated into 15 languages, with the aim of promoting public discussion on a wide range of issues relating to the EU.


  • European Parliament
    Debates, activities, press releases, and subject documents are amongst the material available. A RSS tool brings together news updates from various sources.

  • Parliamentary Data
    Provides an index to the proceedings and publications of both Houses of the UK Parliament since the May 2001 general election and includes the full text of Early Day Motions. Simple search form. Also links to other online parliamentary information. It is maintained and updated by House of Commons library staff.

  • United Kingdom Parliament
    Information about the history and working of the UK Parliament, its members and staff and activities.  Publications (Hansard and Committee Reports) and Research Papers are in full-text.

Training and education

  • Companion for Undergraduate Dissertations
    Developed in partnership by the Higher Education Academy's Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, the Centre for Social Work and Policy and Sheffield Hallam University, this resource has been prepared to provide support and guidance to Undergraduates for personal study and help through the social-science based dissertation process or final year project.

UK Politics

  • Democracy live
    BBC website which offers live and on demand video coverage of the UK's national political institutions and the European Parliament.

  • e-politiX.com
    News, analysis and information on government institutions, legislation and politics. Includes interviews with politicians and representatives of organisations about public affairs.

Organisations and institutions

Please note: our site descriptions are based on information available on the site described at the time it was evaluated.

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