English language and applied linguistics: useful websites

This page lists useful, free internet resources for English language and applied linguistics. See databases for English language and applied linguistics for a list of key online sources purchased by the University to help you find information in this subject.

Guides and tutorials

  • Internet for Allied Health
    One of a series of tutorials written for the Intute Virtual Training Suite. This tutorial aims to improve Internet information skills, knowledge of key Internet sites, Internet search skills and critical thinking skills. Useful for clinical linguistics.

  • Evaluating websites: a guide
    Hints on assessing the reliability of information you find on the Internet.

  • The web
    A brief guide to finding information which includes links to the main search engines.

General linguistics-related sites

  • Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
    The Subject Centre aims to support learning and teaching in languages, linguistics and area studies in UK higher education. It provides links to a variety of resources relating to the study of modern languages. Some are general or multi-lingual, others relate specifically to linguistics. It is part of the Higher Education Academy.

  • British National Corpus (BNC)
    The British National Corpus (BNC) is a 100-million word collection of written and spoken modern British English representing a "unique snapshot of the English language". The data was collected between 1991 and 1994 and represents a wide variety of mostly written (90%) and spoken language.

  • The Linguist List
    A site dedicated to providing information on language and linguistics, it contains over 2000 pages listing resources and links. It also runs a mailing list which provides a forum for exchange of information and discussion.

Applied linguistics

  • Resources in language testing
    Guide to language testing related resources on the Internet. Each resource is reviewed in the Language Tester's Guide to Cyberspace section, which is updated regularly. Other useful features include a searchable index of articles published in the journal Language Testing, conference news page and the Articles and Reviews section.

Clinical linguistics

Organisations & institutions 

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