Economics: useful websites

This page lists useful, free internet resources for economics. See databases for economics for a list of key online sources purchased by the University to help you find information in this subject.

Key sites

  • EconBiz
    The virtual library for economics and business. It offers you research in internet resources, online catalogues and full texts online and it provides access to information services of libraries. Allows you to search many sources simultaneously.

  • RFE (Resources for Economists on the Internet)
    This is a major gateway to economics information online, edited by Bill Goffe. The site is sponsored by the American Economic Association, listing over 1500 resources in 97 sections and sub-sections. Provides descriptions of most resources. RFE is part of the WWW Virtual Library for Economics (along with WebEc).

  • Biz/ed
    UK-produced guide to economics and business internet sites, covering: current topics, learning materials, data, company information, virtual worlds, reference sources, support for teachers and lecturers.

  • WebEc
    WebEc is part of the WWW Virtual Library for Economics (along with RFE) and contains links to over 4000 sites. It is compiled by staff at the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Helsinki Faculty of Social Sciences.

Guides and tutorials

  • HEA Economics Network
    The Economics Network is produced by the UK's Higher Education Academy. The centre provides a range of free services to support university teachers of economics.

  • Internet for economics
    One of a series of tutorials written for the Intute Virtual Training Suite. This tutorial aims to improve Internet information skills, knowledge of key Internet sites, Internet search skills and critical thinking skills. The links basket option provides a useful listing of sites relevant to Economics.

  • Evaluating websites: a guide
    Hints on assessing the reliability of information you find on the Internet.

  • The web
    A brief guide to finding information which includes links to the main search engines.

General economics-related sites

  • British Library of Political and Economic Science (library for London School of Economics)
    The Library collects material on a worldwide basis, in all major European languages. The collections total over four million items, including 31,000 past and present journal titles. The Library subscribes to approximately 3000 e-journals, just part of its electronic information provision. Please check access for visitors.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit Country analysis
    Access the Economist Intelligence Unit's latest data, analysis and forecasts for 187 countries and its Global Forecasting Service. Access is free but you are required to register first.

  • German National Library of Economics (ZBW)
    The German National Library of Economics (ZBW) is also the library of the Kiel Institute for World Economics and the world’s largest library for economic literature. Access to the collections of over two million books is through the online catalogue, ECONIS.

  • WWW Virtual Library: Business and Economics
    The WWW Virtual Library is made up of a large number of subject sections compiled by volunteers expert in their subject areas.


Statistics and data

  • Office for National Statistics
    Key UK economic statistics include: GDP, retail sales, public sector, inflation, trade, and employment.

  • Eurostat
    Under “Economy and finance” data includes: main economic indicators, national accounts, government statistics, financial accounts, exchange rates & interest rates, monetary & other financial statistics, prices, and balance of payments. There are other themes also relevant to economics.

  • UK Data Service
    Provides access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines and themes.

Working papers / Discussion papers / Research papers

  • RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)
    RePEc is a collaborative effort to enhance the dissemination of research in economics. The heart of the project is a decentralized database of working papers, journal articles and software components. All RePEc material is freely available. Please note that RePEc does not contain full-text journal articles; RePEc services provide links to many full-text articles, but you may need a personal or institutional subscription to follow those links. If a working paper or journal article is not indicated as "downloadable", please contact the author or publisher for assistance.

Organisations and institutions

Please note: our site descriptions are based on information available on the site described at the time it was evaluated.

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