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Economic Evidence in Utilities Regulation: Delineating the Boundaries of Administrative Discretion

Dr Despoina (Deni) Mantzari is currently engaged in the project with the support of a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant.


Regulatory agencies in the UK are hybrid communities of lawyers and economists. In the last two decades, the role that economists play in advancing the agencies' statutory objectives (i.e. protecting consumers and promoting competition) has increased. Yet, despite the enormous societal impact of economic regulation, existing scholarship in the realm of public law and competition law focuses mainly on the powers and institutional structure of regulatory agencies or human rights aspects and the scope of judicial review and ignores the essence of the regulators' work. This project will provide empirical insights into the way regulators employ economics (both neoclassical and behavioural economics) when exercising the discretionary powers conferred on them by statute, using utilities regulation as the focus. With no research on this topic so far, the work is important in helping to delineate the boundaries of administrative discretion in the modern regulatory state with real world implications for the regulatory and adjudicative processes.

Global Commodities for food and its regulation by the WTO

Professor Chris Newdick

Professor Newdick is collaborating with Richard Nunes in HBS on an interdisciplinary project on feeding mega-cities. The project considers how to promote food stability, standards of health, local sovereignty and the environment. The challenge is that attractive policy options often run counter to the interests of MNCs.

Defences to Copyright Infringement

Dr Stavroula Karapapa

The project investigates the function of defences to copyright infringement in enhancing innovation, growth and creativity, and develops a taxonomy of the available defences that enables a clearer understanding of the scope and purpose of permissible uses in the online environment.

Geo-blocking, exhaustion principle and parallel trade

Dr Stavroula Karapapa

The project explores the impact of geo-restriction mechanisms on the lawful access to digital content in the EU. It offers an overview of the diverse licensing practices available across Europe and assesses the extent to which such mechanisms are in compliance with copyright norms and the fundamental freedoms of the European Union.

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Bolanle AdebolaDr Bolanle Adebola

Staff profile: Dr Bolanle Adebola

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Adrian StorrierMr Adrian Aronsson-Storrier

Staff profile: Mr Adrian Aronsson-Storrier

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Stavroula KarapapaDr Stavroula Karapapa

Staff profile: Dr Stavroula Karapapa

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Deni MantzariDr Deni Mantzari

Staff profile: Dr Deni Mantzari

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Chris NewdickProfessor Chris Newdick

Staff profile: Professor Chris Newdick

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