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There are many different research-related events taking place within the School of Law every term. Details about recent and upcoming events can be accessed via our blog page, or below, under the Other events heading. Key among these is the School's Annual Lecture, which brings a different eminent external speaker to the School of Law every year.

The School of Law hosts a research seminar series, where invited speakers present works-in-progress. Our series is open to both members of the University and the wider community.

Previous seminars include:


'The Politics of Justifying Force: the Suez Crisis, the Iraq War, and International Law'
Dr Charlotte Peevers, University of Technology, Sydney (Australia).
22 April 2015

'Dissolving Condominium, Private Takings, and the Nature of Property'
Professor Doug Harris, University of British Columbia (Canada)/New College, Oxford.
11 February 2015

'Blockade and the Legal History of WWI Reconsidered'
Professor Chris Waters, Windsor University (Canada).
14 January 2015


'Commissions of Inquiry: A New Form of Legal Adjudication?'
Dr Christian Henderson, University of Liverpool.
25 April 2014

'Who decides health outcomes? Analysing the concept of "legitimation" through representation in global health institutions'
Dr Sharifa Sekalala, Research Fellow, University of Warwick.
22 January 2014

'Twisting Tort: Deconstructing Public Policy Debates on Personal Injury Compensation'
Annette Morris, Cardiff Law School.
27 November 2013


'The 2012 ILA Sofia Guiding Statements on the Judicial Elaboration of Sustainable Development: A Pilgrim's Progress or Fiddling while Rome Burns?'
Professor Duncan French, Head of Lincoln Law School & Professor of International Law, University of Lincoln.
13 March 2013

'Bordering Rights: Border Policy and the Discourse of Irregularity'
Dr Efrat Arbel, SJD, Harvard Law School Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, Canada.
13 February 2013

'Between Coercion and Deception: Rape by Deception in respect to the Perpetrator's Identity'
Dr Amit Pundik, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
30 January 2013

'Governance of pharmaceutical knowledge: a human rights perspective'
Professor Trudo Lemmens, Scholl Chair in Health law and Policy, University of Toronto, and Visiting Professor, HeLEX Centre, University of Oxford.
28 November 2012

'When is "Good" Good Enough? The Online Distribution of Copyright Works and Copyright Exhaustion'
Professor Pascale Chapdelaine, Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada.
12 December 2012


Prof. Daniel Joyner (University of Alabama)
14 March 2012

'EU Citizenship and the Reinvention of EU Federalism'
Professor Dimitry Kochenov (University of Groningen, The Netherlands).
8 February 2012

'Who is a Professional?'
Dr David Mangan (Lecturer in the Law of Obligations, University of Leicester).
25 January 2012

'Problems with English Commonholds'
Mr Peter Smith (Reader in Law, University of Reading).
30 November 2011

'New Legal Approaches to Nonproliferation: Transnational Cooperation and Enforcement'
Mr Michael Lieberman (Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Washington DC).
18 November 2011

'The Future of Secularism'
Professor Margaret Davies from School of Law, Flinders University, Adelaide.
9 November 2011


'Adjudication on the Status of Colonial Bishops and the Evolution of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, c. 1850-1880'

Dr Charlotte Smith (Senior Lecturer, School of Law, University of Reading).
2 March 2011

'The Negotiability and Transferability of Credit Instruments in Later Medieval England'

Dr Tony Moore (ICMA Centre, University  of Reading).
15 December 2010

'The Concept of Humanitarian Intervention: An Appraisal of Recent Developments'

Kanbar Hosseinbor (Lawyer, Foreign and Commonwealth Office).
3 November 2010

'Foucault, Law and the Morality of Critique'

Colin Gordon.
27 October 2010

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