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Anastasia Kadanina“As both an international student from Russia and the international student rep in SSLC I found the support sessions extremely comprehensive and beneficial for my cultural education. I discovered important differences between people of various backgrounds, as well as pleasant similarities.

All in all, the sessions provided me with efficient tools for making myself comfortable in the foreign environment shortly. I would definitely recommend them to other students.”

Anastasia Kadanina, student from Russia
International Student Representative in SSLC


Anis Armadi, 2nd Year student from Malaysia


Jehan Sethna, 2nd Year student from India


“The support I received from the International Support Tutor prior to my arriving was a source of immense support and guidance. The weekly emails in the Pre-Arrival Academic Bridging Course not only started to give me a picture of what to expect at the University of Reading but also gave me an understanding of what was expected of me when starting law school. .. the glossary of terms native to the University really cushioned and softened the shock one receives when arriving at University for the first time. In short, it was a great programme and I sincerely hope that it continues so that others can benefit from it too in the coming years.”

Jehan Homi Sethna

What other students had to say...

  • “It was an amazing and interesting session- learning about cultures across different countries and communication styles in different cultures”
  • “I got to have fun and interact with people”
  • “Tremendously useful for law students who are preparing for the upcoming exam. I have learnt a number of ways to study effectively!”
  • “The interaction was brilliant- Learning the debate mechanism and how to structure an oral argument properly!”
  • “I learnt what mooting offers to law students; what makes a good mooter; apply what we learn in class; great opportunity for employers to employ you”
  • “Insightful! I learnt a lot about cultural differences and how to manage it better”

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