Our Support Sessions

  • Sessions run throughout the academic year
  • Open for all students
  • The sessions are devised to support students towards reaching their best academic potential, to facilitate participation in University-wide activities for better health and well-being, as well as, developing skills for career advancement
  • Excellence in these training sessions would be eligible for awards

What students have to say about the sessions...

Anastasia Kadanina, student from Russia

Anastasia Kadanina"As both an international student from Russia and the international student rep in SSLC I found the support sessions extremely comprehensive and beneficial for my cultural education. I discovered important differences between people of various backgrounds, as well as pleasant similarities.

All in all, the sessions provided me with efficient tools for making myself comfortable in the foreign environment shortly. I would definitely recommend them to other students."

Anastasia Kadanina, student from Russia
International Student Representative in SSLC

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