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Women's Legal Landmarks

Together with Erika Rackley (University of Birmingham), Rosemary Auchmuty coordinates the Women's Legal Landmarks project consisting of 100+ scholars engaged in identifying, researching and analysing key points in women's legal history in the UK and Ireland, designed to celebrate the centenary of women's admission to the legal profession in 2019.

Nora Honkala is also contributing to this project.

Rosemary Auchmuty is also invited editor of a forthcoming special issue of Laws, "Evolving Challenges: An International Retrospective on Feminist Legal Theory"

General Principles in Biomedicine

Thérèse Callus has assembled a trio of workshops and related publications offering a comparative, multidisciplinary analysis of principles in bioethics carried out with the Réseau Universitaire International de Bioéthique.

Proposal of a new model for financial provision upon divorce (doctrinal research).

Do women who live in Britain and wear a hijab, jilbab or niqab experience the practice as having a normative quality?

Amy Codling is currently working, first, on articles developed from her doctoral research, which investigates whether women who live in Britain and wear a hijab (headscarf), jilbab (a long cloak-like garment that covers the body apart from the hands and face) or niqab (face-veil) experience the practice as having a normative quality.

Second, she is planning an empirical project on how to encourage undergraduate law students to think critically.

International Feminist Judgments

Nora Honkala is a contributor to two large scale collaborative feminist projects: Women's Legal Landmarks project led by Rosemary Auchmuty (University of Reading) and Erika Rackley (University of Birmingham) and International Feminist Judgments project led by Troy Lavers (University of Surrey) and Loveday Hodson (University of Leicester).

How county courts deal with disputes over residence and contact

Annika Newnham has carried out research into how county courts deal with disputes over residence and contact with Maebh Harding, University of Warwick. The project examined case files from 197 cases that ended in 2011, prior to the current restrictions of legal aid and the controversial parental involvement presumption. It presents data on the types of orders sought by parents and granted by the court as well as the practical child care arrangements that were set up when each case left the family justice system. It also looks at the use of residence orders to set up kinship care and avoid care proceedings.

The full report is available at

Cross-border legal recognition of same-sex relationships in the EU

Alina Tryfonidou is exploring issues relating to the cross-border legal recognition of same-sex relationships in the EU. In particular, her work has focused on examining whether the EU's hands-off approach towards the legal recognition of the same-sex relationships of migrant EU citizens (whether formalised through a marriage or civil partnership or not) is in compliance with EU law and, in particular, with the EU free movement provisions of the Treaty, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the EU principle of equality and non-discrimination

Her future research plans include exploring these issues from the angle of private international law. She is also interested, more generally, in the treatment of LGBT persons under EU law.

Recent Publications

Rosemary AuchmutyProfessor Rosemary Auchmuty

Staff profile: Professor Rosemary Auchmuty

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Therese CallusProfessor Thérèse Callus

Staff profile: Professor Thérèse Callus

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Amy CodlingDr Amy Codling

Staff profile: Dr Amy Codling

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Nora HonkalaDr Nora Honkala

Staff profile: Dr Nora Honkala

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Grace JamesProfessor Grace James

Staff profile: Professor Grace James

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NewnhamAnnika_sDr Annika Newnham

Staff profile: Dr Annika Newnham

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Norwin TamannaDr Nowrin Tamanna

Staff profile: Dr Nowrin Tamanna

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Alina TryfonidouDr Alina Tryfonidou

Staff profile: Professor Alina Tryfonidou

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Aleardo ZanghelliniProfessor Aleardo Zanghellini

Staff profile: Professor Aleardo Zanghellini

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