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Professor Rosa Freedman
Job Title:
Professor of Law Conflict and Global Development

Director of the Global Development Division

Areas of Interest:

Professor Freedman researches on the United Nations, and has a number of interests within that area: human rights bodies, creation and implementation of international human rights law, accountability for human rights abuses committed by UN actors, and the intersection between international law and international relations. Rosa has published extensively on the United Nations Human Rights Council and on the United Nations Special Procedures system, as well as on the Haiti Cholera Claims and on sexual violence committed by peacekeeping personnel. She fuses doctrinal and empirical research methods, and she deploys interdisciplinary lenses to inform and underpin her findings and analysis. Her work has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, British Academy, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights, and the Society of Legal Scholars.

Rosa joined the University of Reading as the inaugural Chair of Law, Conflict and Global Development and the Director of the Global Development Division, having previously taught at Birmingham Law School and at Queen Mary University of London. She works with a broad range of stakeholders, including international organisations, national governments, and civil society actors, and is regularly invited to present her work or provide expertise to those audiences. Rosa frequently appears in appears in print, online, radio, TV and documentary media, discussing the United Nations, international human rights, and other related matters.

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  • Failing to Protect: The United Nations and the Politicisation of Human Rights, (New York: Oxford University Press; London: Hurst, 2014)
  • The UN Human Rights Council: A Critique and Early Assessment, (London: Routledge, 2013)

Edited Collections

  • The United Nations Special Procedures 'System' (Brill, 2016) forthcoming (with Aoife Nolan and Therese Murphy)

Book Chapters

  • 'The United Nations Human Rights Council' in Philip Alston and Frederic Mégret (eds.) The United Nations and Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal (Oxford University Press, 2016) forthcoming
  • 'Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The UN Human Rights Council at 10' in Eric Cox and M. Joel Voss (eds.) The United Nations Human Rights Council at 10 (Routledge, 2016) forthcoming
  • 'Introduction' in Aoife Nolan, Rosa Freedman and Therese Murphy (eds.) The United Nations Special Procedures 'System' (Brill, 2016) (with Aoife Nolan and Therese Murphy)
  • 'Supporting or Resisting? The Relationship between Global North States and Special Procedures' in Aoife Nolan, Rosa Freedman and Therese Murphy (eds.) The United Nations Special Procedures 'System' (Brill, 2016) (with Francois Crépeau)
  • 'Hybrid Human Rights' in Paul Jackson (ed), Research Handbook on Security and Development (Edward Elgar; 2015), 386-401

Journal Articles

  • 'Expanding or Diluting Human Rights?: The proliferation of United Nations Special Procedures mandates.' 38 (1) Human Rights Quarterly (2016), 164-193 (with Jacob Mchangama)
  • '"Jistis ak reparasyon pou tout viktim kolera MINUSTAH": The United Nations and the Right to Health in Haiti' 28 (3) Leiden Journal of International Law (2015), 507-527 (with Nicolas Lemay-Hebert)
  • 'Towards an alternative interpretation of UN immunity: A human rights-based approach to the Haiti Cholera Case', QIL-Questions of International Law, Zoom-in 19, (2015), 5-18 (with Nicolas Lemay-Hebert) (paper by invitation)
  • 'UN Immunity or Impunity?: A human rights based challenge', 25 (1) European Journal of International Law, (2014), 239-254
  • 'Third Generation' Rights: Is there room for hybrid constructs within International Human Rights Law?', 2 (4) Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (2013), 935-959
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  • 'Public Awareness of Human Rights: Distortions in the Mass Media', 14 (4) International Journal of Human Rights (2010), 491-523 (with Eric Heinze 50% - 50%)
  • 'Improvement on the Commission?: The UN Human Rights Council's Inaction on Darfur', 16 (1) University of California-Davis Journal of International Law & Policy (2009), 81-129

Shorter articles by invitation

Policy Reports

  • Written evidence submitted to the International Development Committee 'The Global Humanitarian System Inquiry', date published 23 February 2016, available here

Media Articles

Rosa Freedman

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+44 (0) 118 378 7507

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