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Dr Nicholas Roberts
Job Title:
Associate Professor

Nick Roberts is School Director of Enterprise and is involved with the development of Pro Bono projects as part of the School's engagement in Enterprise activities.

He currently teaches the following courses on the LL.B programme:

  • Legal Skills
  • Equity and Trusts
  • Commercial Leases

He currently teaches the following courses on the BSc Real Estate and Planning programme:

  • Introduction to Property Law
  • Applied Property Law

He has previously taught LLB Company Law, and the company law elements of the Introduction to Business Law modules.

Areas of Interest:
Property Law, with particular reference to Landlord and Tenant Law, Leasehold Reform and Commonhold.
Research groups / Centres:
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Further Publications:

  • Butterworths Property Law Service (with Hullah, J., Smithers, T.M.D, Stevens, P.G. and Desmond, S.), (LexisNexis, London, 1989 - 2010) Ch 15 'Commonhold' (looseleaf - 2010 update)
  • [2007] Conv. 235-258 'Access to Quasi-Public Spaces - Whose Visitor?'
  • Clarke on Commonhold (with Clarke, D., Crabb, L.), (Jordans, Bristol, 2004) (looseleaf - updated 2005, 2006)
  • 'The "Widows and Orphans" of Leasehold Reform', Ch. 14 (pp. 267-283) in 'Modern Studies in Property Law (Vol 2)' ed. E Cooke (Hart, Oxford, 2003)
  • [2003] Conv. 380-397 'Service Charges, Daejan and Claims in Restitution'
  • [2002] Conv. 341-348 'Commonhold: a new property term - but no property in a term!'
  • [2002] N.L.J. 338-340 'Two Cheers for Commonhold?'
  • [2002] N.L.J. 887,889 'Two cheers for commonhold? - an update.'
  • [2001] Conv. 61-77 'The Leasehold Valuation Tribunals and Service Charges - Some Problems of Jurisdiction'
  • [2001] Conv. 387-395 'Beware of Loft Living'
  • [2000] Fam. Law 417-422 'Fitzpatrick v Sterling: A case with wider implications?'
  • [2000] Conv. 307-314 'Berrycroft Management revisited - or sidelined?'
  • [2000] E.H.R.L.R. 147-180 'The Law Lords and Human Rights: The Experience of the Privy Council in Interpreting Bills of Rights'
  • [1993] Fam. Law 351-353 'Property adjustment orders and negative equity'
  • [1992] Fam. Law 77-80 'Will Drafting and Property Ownership bearing in mind Cohabitees and Lesbian and Gay Couples'

Recent Conference Papers:

  • Biennial Property Law Conference at Reading University (March 2006): "Access to quasi-public spaces: a (partial) answer from traditional land law?".

  • Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London (March 2004): "What's different about lesbian and gay relationships?"

  • Biennial Property Law Conference at Reading University (March 2002): "The 'Widows and Orphans' of Leasehold Reform"

Nick Roberts is also Bulletin Editor for Hill and Redman: The Law of Landlord and Tenant (LexisNexis), and for Butterworths Property Law Service (LexisNexis).
Recent copies of the Bulletins can be viewed on-line via the links.


B.A. (Cambridge); LL.M. (Southampton); Ph.D. (Southampton); CTHE (Oxford Brookes); FHEA; Solicitor and Notary Public (non-practising).

Biographical Details:

Nick Roberts came to Reading Law School in 2009, having previously been a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University since 2001. Prior to that he had been in private practice as a solicitor and notary public. He retains a consultancy as Legal Adviser to the Federation of Private Residents' Associations Ltd, a federation of over 500 leaseholders' associations and residents' management companies.
His doctoral thesis, completed at Southampton University, compares commonhold tenure with the variant of leasehold tenure where the freehold is vested in and managed by a Residents' Management Company.


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+44 (0) 118 378 7528

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