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Professor Ioannis Kokkoris
Job Title:
33263 Sessional Lecturer
  • Executive Director of the Centre for Commercial Law and Financial Regulation (
  • Director of LLM International Commercial Law, LLM International Corporate Finance, LLM International Financial Regulation
  • Director of LLM/MSc in Law and Economics
  • Director of LLM/MSc Oil and Gas
  • LLM Banking Law
Areas of Interest:
Competition Law, Law & Economics, Company Law, Banking Law and Financial Regulation
Research groups / Centres:
Centre for Commercial Law and Financial Regulation
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  • Glader, M. and Kokkoris, I. (2013) Excessive pricing. In: Gonzalez Diaz , E. and Piergiovanni, M. (eds.) Abuse of Dominance Under Article 102 TFEU. EU Competition Law, V. Claeys & Casteels Publishing. ISBN 9789077644133
  • Kokkoris, I. (2013) Merger control: substantive issues. In: Lianos, I. and Geradin, D. (eds.) Handbook On European Competition Law: Substantive Aspects. Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 9781848445536





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Selection of Books

  • Kokkoris I., Olivares-Caminal R., "Antitrust Policy in the Wake of Financial Crises", Cambridge University Press, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I. "The Treatment of Non-Collusive Oligopoly Under the ECMR and National Merger Control", Routledge, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I., Etro F., (eds) "Challenges in the Enforcement of Article 82", Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2010.

Selection of Chapters in Books

  • "Implications of Merger Legislation for Corporate Debt Restructuring" chapter in Olivares-Caminal R. ed. Out-Of-Court Corporate Debt Restructuring: An International Comparative Analysis, September 2007, Kluwer.
  • "Failing Firm Defence in Failing Markets", chapter in Olivares-Caminal R., Lambrosse J. R., Singh D., "Financial Crisis Management and Bank Resolution", Informa-Lloyds of London, 2009.
  •  "Critical Analysis of the Substantive Reforms in the ECMR", chapter in Kokkoris I., Lianos I., "Τhe Challenge of an Optimal Enforcement System", with K. Katona, Kluwer, 2010.
  •  "Toward an economic approach to article 102 tfeu" with Federico Etro, chapter in Kokkoris, Etro (eds.), Challenges in the Enforcement of Article 102, by Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • ""Excessive Pricing as an Abuse of Article 102" with Marcus Glader, chapter in González'Díaz E., Piergiovanni M. (eds.), by Claeys & Casteels publishing, 2013
  • Chapter on Merger Control, in Lianos I., Geradin D., (eds.) Research Handbook in European Competition Law Edward Elgar, 2013
  • Shall banks that received State Aid be broken up? in Olivares-Caminal R., Singh D., Lambrosse J., "Managing Systemic Risk", Edward Elgar, 2011.

Selection of Refereed Articles

  • Kokkoris I., Marsden P., (2010) The Role of Competition and State Aid Policy, Journal of International Economic Law, forthcoming.
  • Kokkoris I., Should Crisis Cartels Exist Amidst Crises, Special Issue of the Antitrust Bulletin on EC Competition Law, forthcoming, 2010.
  • Kokkoris I. (2009), "Was There a Gap in the ECMR", in Concurrences, 1-2009.
  • Kokkoris I. (2009), "Buyer Power in UK Merger Control", in ECLR, 30(4), 176-188.
  • Kokkoris I. and Olivares-Caminal R. (2008), "Lessons from the Recent Stock Exchange Merger Activity", the Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 4(3), 837-869.
  • Kokkoris I. (2008), "Assessment of Mergers Inducing Coordinated Effects in the Presence of Explicit Collusion" World Competition, 31(4), 499-522.
  • Kokkoris I. (2007), "Failing Firm Defence: A Success or Failure for Corporate Restructuring?", in International Corporate Rescue, vol.4 issue 3, pp.149-156.
  • Kokkoris I. and Olivares-Caminal R. (2007), "Competition and Regulation Aspects in Cross-Border Stock Exchange Mergers", in University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, Volume 29 Issue 2 (Winter 2007).
  • Kokkoris I. (2007), "Event Studies in Merger Assessment. Successes and Failures", European Competition Journal, 3(1), 65-99.
  • Kokkoris I. and Olivares-Caminal R. (2007), "Regulation of Stock Exchanges in the Recent Wake of Mergers", in the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, 22(8), 469-474.
  • Kokkoris I. (2007), "Purchase Price Fixing: A Per Se Infringement?", in the European Competition Law Review, 28(9), 473-487.

For a full list of publications

Invited Conference/Symposium Papers

  •  "Bundling in Article 82", Rome (Chair). [organiser]
  •  "Failing firm Defence for Failing Banks", Coventry. [organiser/speaker]
  • "Inadequacies in National Merger Legislations", Brno. [organiser/speaker]
  • "Is there a Gap in Article 82?" London. [speaker]
  • September 2009: "Liberal Professions", Bucharest. [speaker]
  • July 2009: "Criminal Cartels", Rome. [speaker]
  • May 2009: "Efficiency Defence in Horizontal Mergers", Athens [organiser/speaker].
  • April 2009: "Merger Policy in the Wake of Financial Crises", Budapest [organiser/speaker].
  • April 2009: "Failing Firm Defence in Failing Industries", Warwick University [speaker].
  • March 2009: "Is There a Gap in Article 82", Rome [organiser/speaker].
  • February 2009: "Collective Dominance in ECMR and Article 82", University of Thrace. [speaker]
  • October 2008: "Corporate Governance Issues in Stock Exchange Mergers", invited to speak at the OECD, Paris. [speaker]
  • September 2008: "Competition Policy in Developing v. Developed Network Markets", at Which competition policy for regulated industries?: Governance and sector-specific perspectives, Istanbul. [organiser/speaker]
  • July 2008: "Criminal sanctions in the fight against cartels", at Italian Competition Authority, AGCM, Rome. [speaker]
  • July 2008: "Event Studies in Merger Assessment", at Competition and Regulation European Summer School and Conference, Athens. [speaker]
  • July 2008: "The Development of the Concept of Collective Dominance in the ECMR", at International Conference on Law, Athens. [speaker]
  • April 2008: "A Critical Assessment of the ECMR Reform", at the 11th Competition Law Scholars Forum, Glasgow. [speaker]
  • March 2008: "Non-Horizontal Merger Assessment", "The Gap in the ECMR" at the OECD Workshop, Budapest. [speaker]
  • February 2008: "UK Merger Control", presentation to the University of Warwick. [speaker]
  •  June 2007: "SLC v. Dominance. Evidence of the Gap", presented at "The Reform of EC and Greek Competition Law", Athens [organiser/speaker].
  •  June 2007: "The Coordinated Effects Saga", Democritus University Law School. [speaker]
  • February 2007: "Stock Exchange Mergers", British Institute of International Commercial Law. [speaker]
  • February 2007: "UK Merger Control, theory and practice", University College London. [speaker]
  •  January 2007: "Competition and Regulation Aspects of Stock Exchange Mergers", University of Warwick. [speaker]
  •  July 2005: "Countervailing Buyer Power under Articles 81 and 82", Office of Fair Trading. [speaker]
BA Economics (Essex University), MPhil Economics (Cambridge University), LLM (Warwick University), PhD Competition Law (Kings College London), Visiting Researcher (Harvard Law School)

Biographical details

Professor Ioannis Kokkoris holds a Chair in Law and Economics at the University of Reading, UK. He is Vice Chairman of the Institute of Studies in Competition Law and Policy ( He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Commercial Law and Financial Regulation ( and Vice Chairman at Institute for Studies in Competition Law and Policy. He is an expert on competition law as well law & economics. Professor Kokkoris has formerly served as Principal Case Officer/Economic Advisor in the Mergers branch at the Office of Fair Trading, UK where he dealt with leading cases such as NASDAQ/LSE, NYSE/Euronext, Global/GCap and was a Member of the drafting team of the UK Merger Guidelines. He has also dealt with Abuse of Dominance cases as well as cartels and other anticompetitive agreements. He has also previously served as an Economist in the Merger Task Force at the DG Competition-European Commission; Vice President of the International Think-Tank on Innovation and Competition and as a Consultant at the Federal Trade Commission, USA. Professor Kokkoris has studied both Economics and Law. He has authored and co-authored more than 12 books with his most recent being Antitrust Law Amidst Financial Crisis with Cambridge University Press. His current book (forthcoming, Oxford University Press) is EU Merger Control: A Legal and Economic Analysis (with Professor Howard Shelanski).

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Ioannis Kokkoris

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