Staff Profile:Dr Dimitrios Kyritsis

Dr Dimitrios Kyritsis
Job Title:
Associate Professor

Dimitrios currently teaches the following courses:

LLB: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Civil Liberties, Jurisprudence

Dimitrios welcomes expressions of interest for supervision from prospective PhD students in the following areas:

  • Legal philosophy
  • UK and European Human Rights Law
  • Public law
Areas of Interest:

Theory of law; constitutional theory; political authority and obligation, religious freedom

Research groups / Centres:
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Forthcoming/Other publications:


  • Kyritsis, D., (2016) 'A New Interpretivist Conception of the Rule of Law' 10 Problema, 91-109


  • Kyritsis, D., (2015) 'Law's Province in the Domain of Value' 6:2 Jurisprudence, 341-348


  • Kyritsis, D. and Tsakyrakis S. (2013) 'Neutrality in the Classroom' International Journal of Constitutional Law 11:1, 200-217


  • Kyritsis, D. (2012) 'Constitutional Review in Representative Democracy' Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 32:2, 297-324
  • Kyritsis, D. (2012) 'The Persistent Significance of Jurisdiction' Ratio Juris 25:3, 343-367


  • Kyritsis, D., (2011) 'The Normativity of The Practice of Officials' in Bertea, S. and Pavlakos, G. (eds). New Essays on the Normativity of Law, Hart Publishing, 177-195


  • Hartz, E. and Kyritsis, D., (2010) 'Boumediene and the Meaning of Separation of Powers in US Emergency Law' Review of Constitutional Studies 15:1, 149-176


  • Kyritsis, D. (2008) 'What Is Good About Legal Conventionalism' Legal Theory 14:2, 135-166
  • Kyritsis, D. (2008) 'The Transcendental, the Existential and the Ethical: Alexy and Dworkin on the Foundation of Rights' Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 59:1 91-108
  • Kyritsis, D. (2008) Review of David Dyzenhaus, The Constitution of Law: Legality in a Time of Emergency, CUP, 2006. Criminal Law and Philosophy 2, 95-98


  • Kyritsis, D. (2007) Principles, Policies and the Power of Courts. Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 20(2), 379-397
  • Kyritsis, D. (2007) 'Theory and Practice of the Right to Artistic Expression'. Review of Tsakyrakis S., Religion vs Art, Polis Publishing, 2006. To Syntagma [The Constitution] 2, 395-425 [in Greek]


  • Kyritsis, D. (2006), 'Representation and Waldron's Objection to Judicial Review' Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 26:4 733-751


  • Kyritsis, D. (2005) 'Terrorism and Political Crime: Suggestions for a Classification' Poinika Chronika [Annals of Criminal Law] 45:6, 490-499 [in Greek]
LLB (Athens), MJur (Oxon), MPhil (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

Biographical Details:

Dimitrios joined the School of Law in 2014 from the University of Sheffield where he was a lecturer in law from 2007. Prior to that, he was a Hauser Global Law Research Fellow at New York University.

Other Activities:

  • Member of Editorial Board, Jurisprudence (2009-present)
  • Book reviews editor, Jurisprudence (2009-11)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Problema (2007-present)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Dimitrios Kyritsis

Contact Details

+ 44 (0)118 987 5123

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