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Dr Charlotte Smith
Job Title:
Associate Professor

Dr Charlotte Smith currently teaches the following courses:

LLB: Land Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, History of English Law, Criminal Justice

MA (Res) Legal History

Areas of Interest:
History of English Law, Ecclesiastical Law, Public Law, and more generally religion and the law.
Research groups / Centres:
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Further Publications: 

  • "A Curious Episode in the History of Appellate Jurisdiction", 74 Amicus Curiae (Summer, 2008), pp. 17-23.
  • "Allcard v Skinner (1887)" in C. Mitchell and P. Mitchell (Eds.), Landmark Cases in the Law of Restitution (Oxford: Hart, 2006).
  • " Allcard v Skinner Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Undue Influence", in E. J. Cooke (Ed.), Modern Studies in Property Law (vol. III) (Oxford: Hart, 2005)
  • "The Place of Representatives of Religion in the Reformed Second Chamber", (2003) Public Law, pp 674-696.
  • "Martin v Mackonochie/Mackonochie v Penzance: A Crisis of Character and Identity in the Court of Arches?" (2003) Legal History, vol. 24, pp. 250-272.
  • "Episcopal Seats and Proposals for Reform of the House of Lords" (2002) Kings College Law Journal, vol. 13, pp. 109-117.

Recent Conference Papers

  • "R v Pease (1832)" - presented at the Landmark Cases in Tort symposium (with Dr Mark Wilde), King's College London, 24 April 2009.
  • "The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the Shaping of the Anglican Communion" - presented at a symposium on "Geographies of Justice: Space and Place in the History of English Law" hosted by the Forum for Legal and Historical Research at Reading in September 2008.
  • "The Judicial committee of the Privy Council as an Ecclesiastical Court; debates about its Work and Composition" - presented as part of the Joint IALS Public Lecture and London Legal History Seminar Series in March 2008. 
  • "The Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and the Shaping of the Anglican Communion" - presented at a workshop on Law and History hosted by the University of Victoria in February 2008.
  • "Ridsdale v Clifton: Representations of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Ecclesiastical Appeals" - presented at a symposium  on "Narratives of the Trial: Representations of Justice" hosted by the Forum for Legal and Historial Research at the Institute of Historical Research in December 2007.
  • "The Church of England and Human Rights" - presented at the SLSA Annual Conference, Kent, 3 April 2007.
  • "Reformulating the Body Spiritual: The Identification and Representation of the Church of England in the Later Nineteenth Century" - presented at the Law, Religion and Social Change Conference at the Australian National University in June 2006.
  • "Unravelling a Constitutional Conundrum: Testing and Defining Church Membership in the Later Nineteenth Century" - presented at the annual conference of the S.L.S. in 2005.
  • "Redefining the Church of England: Law, Lawyers and the Idea of the National Church, c. 1840-1900" - presented at the British Legal History Conference in 2005.
  • "Allcard v Skinner: Perspectives from the Ecclesiastical History of the Late Nineteenth Century" - presented at a symposium on leading cases in the law of restitution at King's College London in 2005.
LL.B. (King's College), Ph.D. (King's College)

Biographical Details

Charlotte Smith joined the School of Law in September 2002. Her doctoral thesis, completed at Kings College London, explored the impact of Church-State relations on ecclesiastical court reform in the nineteenth century. More recently she has undertaken research on the impact of religious themes upon the development of the law, and also upon constitutional change and reform.

Dr. Charlotte Smith

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+44 (0) 118 378 5410

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