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Professor Chris Hilson
Job Title:

Chris currently teaches the following courses:

  • LLB: Tort, Environmental Law

Postgraduate Research Students Supervised

  • Vicky Bowyer (awarded 2002) LLM by research on Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Tim Moorhead (awarded 2011) PhD, Values and Legal Order: The Institutional Role of the European Court of Justice
  • Clemens Rieder (awarded 2012) PhD, Access to Health Services in EU Law
  • Amy Jackson (awarded 2012) PhD, Critical Legal Pluralism and Veiling
  • David Yuratich (awarded 2014) PhD, Democracy and the Court of Justice
  • Congcong Xu (2014-) Law and climate geoengineering
  • Vera Van Gool (2015-) Climate change and the precautionary principle

Head of School (1 August 2009 - 1 August 2014)

Areas of Interest:

UK and EU Environmental Law and Policy; Law and Social Movements; Law and Climate Change; EU Law

Research groups / Centres:
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Book Reviews

  • 'Balancing Human Rights, Environmental Protection, and International Trade - Lessons from the EU Experience by Emily Reid', book review, Yearbook of European Law 2015

'Full text' articles available

Recent Conferences/Seminars:

  • 'Mapping Climate Change Adjudication', symposium on climate change adjudication, 'Adjudicating the Future: Climate Change & the Rule of Law', King's College London (and the FCO and Supreme Court), 17-19 September 2015.
  • 'Litigation Against Fracking Bans and Moratoriums in the US: Exit, Voice and Loyalty', SLS Conference, University of York, 1 September 2015.
  • 'The Curious Invisibility of Environmental Rights in the EU Legal Order', Council for European Studies conference, Paris, 9 July 2015.
  • 'Litigation Against Fracking Bans and Moratoriums in the US: Exit, Voice and Loyalty', Work-in-Progress seminar, School of Law, University of Reading, 27 May 2015.
  • Co-Chair (with Denise Huebner) and discussant for a panel, 'EU Law, Courts and Litigants: Litigation and Governance in a Supranational Polity', ECPR General Conference 2014, University of Glasgow 3-6 September 2014.
  • 'The Curious Invisibility of Environmental Rights in the EU Legal Order', IPSA World Congress, Montreal, 19-24 July 2014
  • Chris Hilson, 'Slapps in the UK', paper presented at workshop, 'Strategic Litigation: A Comparative Perspective' 29 November 2013, UCL, London.
  • Chris Hilson, 'Fear of Fracking: Risk, Public Concern and the Law', 1st Annual Energy Law Business Forum, London, 5-6 November 2013.
  • 'Critiquing Kitschelt: Litigation Levels and Opportunity Structures in Cross-National Focus', ECPR joint sessions of workshops, 'Mobilising Law', Mainz, 11-16 March 2013
  • "SLAPPS in the UK: Closing or Creating Legal Opportunity", workshop on "Climate Change Litigation, Policy and Mobilization", British Academy, London, 26-27 April 2012.
  • "SLAPPS in the UK", workshop "Activists on Trial: A Franco-British Dialogue", IEP, Rennes, 23-24 March 2012.
  • "Common But Differentiated Responsibilities in EU Climate Change Law: A Case of Double Standards?", Bristol EC-International Law Forum, "International Responsibility: EU and International Perspectives", 12-13 May 2011, University of Bristol.
  • "Domestic Standards and Domestic Court Rulings in the Environmental Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights: Global Legal Pluralism in Action?", Workshop, "Changing Subjects: Rights, Remedies and Responsibilities of Individuals Under Global Legal Pluralism", EUI, Florence", 7 May 2011.
  • "Climate Change Litigation: An Explanatory Approach (Or Bringing Grievance Back In)", Climate Change Conference, Bocconi University, Milan, 19 November 2010.
  • "Climate Change Litigation: A Social Movement Perspective", Workshop on Legal and Criminological Consequences of Climate Change, IISL, Onati, Spain, 29-30 April 2010.
  • A full list of publications and proceedings is available by clicking here (PDF File 32Kb).
B.A. (Cambridge), M.A. (Cantab), Ph.D. (Sheffield)

Biographical Details:

Chris Hilson joined the School of Law in 1996 from the Environmental Services Association where he acted for a short time as a policy advisor to the waste industry. Prior to that he was a lecturer in law at the University of Leeds from 1993-1996. His Ph.D. from the University of Sheffield involved a study of pollution control in its regulatory context.

Other Activities:

Editor, Journal of Environmental Law (2007-2012)

Legal Adviser to ClientEarth

  • Member of the editorial board of the Review of European Administrative Law (Europa Law Publishing) (2007-)
  • Book reviews editor, Journal of Environmental Law (2002-2007)
  • Book reviews editor, Environmental Law Review (2001-2002)
  • Involved in completed research project "Strategies of Civic Inclusion in Pan-European Civil Society" as part of part of the ESRC research programme "One Europe or Several? The Dynamics of Change Across Europe
  • Expert witness for Friends of the Earth Scotland, Letham Moss CBM PLI, Scotland, 28-31 March 2014
Prof. Christopher J. Hilson

Contact Details

+44 (0) 118 378 7501

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