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 Members of the Research Centre

Ken Dark  (Director) Archaeology and history of Late Antiquity and the Byzantine world; early Christianity; urbanism; ceramics; archaeological method and theory; Celtic Studies
Mark Casson Economic history and archaeology of Britain
Petra Dark Paleoecology and environmental archaeology; landscape archaeology and history; ancient woodlands; radiocarbon dating
Paul Davies Italian Renaissance art and architecture
Tim Duff Greek literature and language
Simon Ellis Late Antique buildings; social archaeology   
Heinrich Harke Archaeology of Migration Period Europe; burial archaeology; archaeological method and theory
Professor Beatrice Heuser Late Antique strategy

Gill Knight Post-Classical Latin language and literature
Dr Dimitra Tzanidaki-Kreps Post-ClassicalGreek literature and language

Alice Larter Archaeology and history of Late Antique Britain and Gaul; villas; archaeology of early monasteries  
Francoise Le Saux History and literature in medieval Western Europe; Celtic Studies
Antony Littlewood Late Antique and Byzantine history and literature; gardens  
Annalisa Marzano Roman economy; villas
Tessa Rajak History of Judaism and Christianity in the Roman world

Eliya Ribak Archaeology of Byzantine churches and synagogues; iconoclasm  
Ian Rutherford History of Anatolia and Egypt; religious history; pilgrimage

Amy Smith Curator of the Ure Museum of Greek Art; art and society in the Ancient Mediterranean; Byzantine Greece

Jemma Underdown Archaeology of Late Antique Britain; Anglo-Saxon archaeology  
Susan Youngs Former Curator at The British Museum; Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Late Antique metalwork  

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