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peopleThe first step towards the success of the Language, Text, and Power Faculty Research theme was acknowledgement of the wide range of language-related research interests that exist across Reading's campus - most notably in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, but also beyond that. This page gives an overview of members, associates, and friends of Language, Text, and Power, linking to their personal webpages in the Reading network which will give an overview of relevant or related research interests.

An asterisk (*) denotes members who are on the panel of core members of Language, Text, and Power: click here for further information.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Name email
Dr Emma Aston
Dr Timothy Duff
Prof. Barbara Goff
Prof. Peter Kruschwitz (*)
Dr Annalisa Marzano
Dr Matthew Nicholls
Prof. Ian Rutherford

 English Language and Literature/Applied Linguistics

Name Contact 
Clare Furneaux - Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics (*)
Dr Jane Setter
Dr Alan Tonkyn


Name Contact 
Dr Jonathan Bell  
Dr Rachel Foxley  
Prof. Lindy Grant  
Dr Anne Mathers-Lawrence (*)  
Dr Esther Mijers  
Dr Rebecca Rist  
Dr Emily West  
Dr Matt Worley (*)  

Modern Languages

Name Contact
Dr Federico Faloppa (*)  
Prof. Hilary Footitt  
Prof. Francoise Le Saux  
Dr Catherine Leglu  
Dr Paola Nasti  
Dr Melani Schröter (*)  


Name Contact 
Prof. Emma Borg  
Prof. Max De Gaynesford  
Dr Severin Schroeder  


Faculty of Science


Name Contact 
Dr Anna Boozer   
Prof. Mike Fulford   
Prof. Roberta Gilchrist   

Biological Sciences

Name Contact 
Dr Andreea Calude  
Prof. Mark Pagel  

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