Staff Profile:Dr Lisa Lodwick


Lisa Lodwick is a research assistant working on two projects studying Iron Age and Roman Britain. On the Roman Rural Settlement Project, Lisa is undertaking the data collection for archaeological excavations of small towns in Roman Britain. She is also continuing archaeobotanical analysis of charred, mineralised and waterlogged macroscopic plant remains on the Silchester Insula IX, Insula III and Environs projects.

External roles:

Treasurer for the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Standing Committee

Areas of Interest:
  • Archaeobotany (charred, mineralised and waterlogged plant macrofossils)
  • Iron Age and Roman Britain
  • Urbanisation
  • Human-plant relationships
  • Agriculture
  • Archaeological theory
Research groups / Centres:

Scientific Archaeology Research Group

Key Facts:

Lisa's key research investigates the relationship between social organisation and agricultural practices, especially in relation to the development of oppida. Her AHRC funded PhD research was completed at the University of Oxford in 2014, where she used archaeobotanical analysis to identify changes in food and farming over the Iron Age-Roman transition in southern Britain. During this time she worked at the Silchester Field School supervising and teaching on-site sampling and processing. Her research interests also include the history and development of environmental archaeology, the role of plants in ritual and religion, and the intersection between archaeological theory and plant studies.

Lisa undertook her BA in Archaeology and Anthropology and a MSt in European Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

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