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You can log in to Blackboard at using your usual University of Reading username and password.

For help with logging on to Blackboard, locating your courses, submitting assignments, and other information, please check the Student Help site.

The Help site can also be accessed from the 'Support for Students' tab within Blackboard.

If you have already checked these pages and cannot find the answer you need, please log your issue with IT, using the General Blackboard Help Request form.



For help with using Blackboard, please login to Blackboard and go to the 'Support for Staff' tab.

If you cannot find the answer you need, please log your issue with IT, using the General Blackboard Help Request form.


Request forms for Staff use:

Annual Course Rollover

Details of Course Rollover for the coming academic year

Course Rollover Opt-out form

Please note: the Opt-out form can only be completed by staff who are identified in RISIS as Module Convenors for the 2017-18 academic year.


Blackboard Courses

Request enrolment on a course - if you wish to be enrolled on a Module or Programme which has not previously been used in Blackboard.

N.B. to be enrolled on a Blackboard course which is already in use, please contact

  • the Module Convenor
  • or staff in your Support Centre

Request Course content copy - if you wish to copy content from an existing course area to a different Blackboard course.


Shared Courses

What is a shared course?

Request a Shared Course - if you wish to use a new course area in Blackboard shared by more than one RISIS module or programme

Request course rollover for a shared course - if you wish to copy your existing shared course into the next academic year

View Shared Course Codes - if you wish to check which RISIS codes relate to your Shared Course



Request an Organisation - if you wish to request a Blackboard Organisation, for supporting student learning not associated with a single RISIS module or programme

Request automatic enrolments onto an Organisation - for automatic enrolment of students based on their RISIS programme/module registration

Batch Enrolment

Request batch enrolment for a course/organisation - if you need to enrol a batch of users onto a Blackboard course/organisation that is not listed and maintained in RISIS

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