Healthier biscuit formulations made with upcycled defatted seed flour

This project aims to use Planetarians’ innovative functional flour from vegetable oil by-products to develop healthier cocoa-oat biscuits to meet consumer sensory, naturalness and cost expectation

Department: Agri-Environment

Supervised by: Simona Grasso

The Placement Project

This placement project is part of a Food Theme Research Pump Priming project running in 2019. This project is led by UoR Dr Simona Grasso and Dr Daniele Asioli with the US industry partner Planetarians. In the last few years there has been an increased interest in incorporating food by-products into new sustainable foods. Planetarians’ innovative functional flour from oilseed by-products will be used to produce cocoa-oat biscuits that are at the same time good in taste and healthier for consumers.


The student will manufacture cocoa-oat biscuit at pilot scale level. The student will also carry out compositional, textural and/or sensory analyses on the biscuits. Data analysis and report writing will also be undertaken by the student. It is estimated that training will take up approximately 30% of the student’s time, manufacture and analysis of the biscuits 40% of the time and data analysis and report writing 30% of the time.

Skills, knowledge and experience required

Background or strong interest in food science, food analysis and/or food manufacture with excellent communication and organisational skills are essential. Experience in using a statistical analysis software, such as Excel and SPSS, would also be beneficial.

Skills which will be developed during the placement

The student will gain practical ‘hands-on’ experience in several fields, such as new product development, food reformulation, food processing, food analysis and consumer sensory testing. The student will be trained on the manufacture of biscuits, lab techniques for food analysis, sensory techniques for consumer testing, and SPSS software knowledge

Place of Work

School of Agriculture, Policy and Development and Food and Nutritional Sciences

Hours of Work


Approximate Start and End Dates (not fixed)

Monday 10 June 2019 - Friday 30 August 2019

How to Apply

*The deadline for applications to this project is Friday 26th April*. Students should submit their CV and Cover Letter directly to the Project Supervisor (click on supervisor name at the top of the page for email). Successful candidates will then be invited to interview.

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