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Does available P in soil indicate true soil P status on UK Dairy Farms?

Supervisor: Partha Ray

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Animal Sciences

Identifying best practices to recommend to UK dairy farmers to minimise phosphorus loss and improve the efficiency of phosphorus use on their farms

Exploring the use of high-resolution climate models to simulate European energy variables and their future projections

Supervisor: Paula Gonzalez

School: School of Mathematical Physical & Computational Sciences
Department: Meteorology

This project aims to force energy conversion models with climate simulations from high-resolution models. Different bias-correction methodologies will be tested and implemented for both historical and future projections arising from the PRIMAVERA EU Horizon 2020 project. The added value of the climate models’ increased resolution will also be assessed.

Human drivers of observed changes in the West African Monsoon.

Supervisor: Dr Paul-Arthur Monerie and Dr. Jon Robson

School: School of Mathematical Physical & Computational Sciences
Department: Meteorology

The West African Monsoon has undergone a large drought in the 1970s and 1980s. The drought was associated with a cooling of the North Atlantic sea surface temperature, as well as with increased emissions of anthropogenic aerosols from Europe. This project will use the output of a climate mode to investigate the respective roles of changes in anthropogenic aerosols, greenhouse gases concentration, and natural factors on historical Sahel precipitation.

Investigating the Representation of 3D Scenes in Moving Observers

Supervisor: Prof Andrew Glennerster

School: School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences
Department: Psychology

You will carry out experiments using high fidelity immersive virtual reality to explore the way that people represent 3D space. You will learn psychophysics techniques and will be introduced in analysis techniques for discriminating between computational models of 3D scene representation.

Investigation of the impact of contracting arrangements on the economic resilience of pig farms

Supervisor: Simone Pfuderer

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Applied Economics & Marketing

This project collects data on different contractual arrangements for purchasing inputs and selling pigs and develops an extension to an existing systems dynamics model to assess economic resilience of pig farms.

Measuring son preference for policy evaluation in India

Supervisor: Sylvie Dubuc

School: School of Archaeology Geography & Environmental Science
Department: Geography & Environmental Science

This project aims to produce a novel quantitative indicator of gender preference, to map and analyse the geography of son preference in India, contrasts and changes. This will enable quantitatively evaluating policies aiming at promoting the Girl Child in India, using a state level Policy database produced in prior project.

The Thames as liquid history: Interactions between farmers and the river, 1866-1974

Supervisor: Prof. Simon Mortimer

School: School of Agriculture Policy & Development
Department: Sustainable Land Management

The Berkshire Record Office holds the archive of the Thames Conservancy spanning the years 1866 to 1974. This project will explore, summarise and analyse the records relating to river pollution incidents attributed to farming along the River Thames during this period.

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