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Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

UROP placements provide exciting opportunities for undergraduates to work with staff on research projects across the University, contributing directly to the creation of knowledge and strengthening the link between teaching and research. Placements last six weeks over the summer break, or can be part-time over a longer period. The scheme is only open to University of Reading students in their middle years of study (ie not first or final year students). 

As a student, a UROP placement makes a significant contribution to your transferable skills, employability and understanding of the research environment. UROP placements and training can be used towards the RED award. Further information on the lements of the UROP programme can be found on the For Students page, link on the left.

As a member of staff, UROP can help you investigate a new area of research with a student's input and fresh perspective.


UROP is managed by the Careers, Placement and Experience Centre.


Key Dates for UROP 2014:


Projects for summer 2014 are posted in the 'Current Placements' section (see Placements link on the left) and will remain there until 21st March (this is the notional closing date for the majority of projects, please check the individual details as some are earlier).



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