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Student complaints procedure

Two circumstances need to be distinguished, one from the other. First, a student may be dissatisfied with some formal process which has culminated in a decision, for example, following disciplinary procedures, examination offences or irregularities, decisions by examination boards and the like. Second, a student may have a complaint against the University relating to the delivery of teaching in some way or other or which may refer to other aspects of the student's relationship with the University. We refer to the first as 'Student Appeals' and to the second as 'Student Complaints'. The following procedure applies to Student Complaints.

As regards Student Appeals, the University has in place appropriate internal mechanisms for appeals to be heard against disciplinary, academic or other decisions; information is given in appropriate Handbooks. A student who is uncertain as to whether Complaints or Appeal procedures apply to any particular case should consult the Director of Student, Learning and Teaching Services.

Advice on matters relating to Appeals and Complaints may also be had from the Students' Union.

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