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If you are travelling overseas as part of your course or for research where your trip has been authorised by your School or Department then you must let the University know. Please complete this form before you travel.

If you do not complete this form you may not be covered by the University of Reading's travel insurance policy and you may have to repay any travel grants issued or administered by the University.

Once you have completed the form you will be redirected to a page containing further information and useful links.

* Indicates required information

Personal Details

Travel Information



Please note that if you are undertaking an ERASMUS work placement you will still need to complete the Data Sheet which was contained in your Erasmus Documentation handbook.

Placement Information

Emergency contacts details

In the case of an emergency please provide us with details of the person whom the University of Reading should contact:

Data Protection Information

Due to the Data Protection Act we are unable to talk to a third party regarding your mobility without your express permission. Please indicate the names/details of those people whom you give us permission to talk to.

Student Declaration

If you do not complete the Student Declaration section you could invalidate the insurance coverage offered to you by the University of Reading and may not receive any money from the University of Reading for your mobility (if eligible for funding)

If you have not received any of the information mentioned in the Student Declaration (and your travel is part of the ERASMUS programme, or you are studying at a partner institution via a formal student exchange programme), or disagree with any of the obligations indicated, it is your responsibility to contact the Erasmus & Study Abroad team immediately:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel Advice

Before travelling you should check FCO's Travel Advice web pages [This link opens in a new window].

If you intend to travel to a country on the FCO's Advisory List you must seek the express permission of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor to undertake your trip.

Check the Insurance Office website for further information [This link opens in a new window]

Data Protection notice

All personal information will be processed by the University of Reading in accordance with the University's Data Protection Policy and Guidelines.

Student Overseas Travel Form is in RISIS

This form has been replaced by a new page within RISIS which will require that you log in to RISIS.

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