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Duties and Responsibilities under Tier 4 of the Points Based Visa System

Your Responsibilities under Your Tier 4 Visa

The University of Reading is a Tier 4 Sponsor under the Points Based Visa System. The University takes its position seriously and wants to ensure that we work together in order to help you to meet your responsibilities under the terms and conditions of your visa.

By working together we can try to ensure that your studies are unaffected by any visa related problems, which can have very serious consequences and may affect your leave to remain in the UK.

In order to help you we will ask you for certain pieces of information during enrolment. We may also contact you during your studies if we need further information or if your circumstances change. We also have support services in place listed at the end of this page that you can access at any time.  

For your responsibilities you will be expected to:

  • Provide the University with the originals of your passport and visa documentation/Biometric Residence Permit in order that copies can be taken.
  • Keep your UK contact details up to date via the RISIS web portal (phone number, mobile phone number and address).
  • Re-enrol for your course on time each academic year if applicable.
  • Study whilst you are in the UK (ensuring that you meet the progression and attendance requirements of your course with no significant gaps or absences). Please see the University statement on monitoring attendance.
  • Follow University processes if you wish to defer or suspend your studies or withdraw from your course. (You are strongly advised to consult the Immigration Advice Service team for advice on how such changes would affect your current immigration status).
  • Ensure that you abide by the terms and conditions as laid down in the immigration rules for your particular visa.
  • Ensure that you continue to retain a valid visa by extending or applying for a new visa before your current visa expires; and that you present your new visa to the University so that a copy can be taken.

For our duties and responsibilities the University is required by the Home Office UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) to:

  • Ensure that you have the correct visa to study at the University of Reading on your chosen course.
  • Not allow you to enrol if you do not have the correct documentation to study here.
  • Keep copies of your visa documentation and passport (including when you extend your visa).
  • Keep up to date contact details for you.
  • Report to the UKBA if you do not enrol on your course.
  • Monitor your attendance and progression and report to the Home Office if you do not attend or progress from one part of your course to the next.
  • Notify the Home Office of any changes to your status. For example if you suspend your studies or withdraw from your course, if you change course whilst at Reading, or finish your course earlier than expected.
  • Report to the Home Office if we suspect that you are breaking the terms and conditions of your visa.

Support Services Available to Help You with Your Visa Responsibilities

In order to help you with your responsibilities the University has the following services in place which you can use at any time:

  • Twitter: We strongly recommend that you sign up to the International Advice Twitter feed, as we use this to pass on useful Visa information;
  • Mobile Phone: We have the facility to be able to send information to students by SMS text messaging, but this can only work to your benefit if you keep an up to date UK mobile phone number on RISIS. We would use this if we needed to contact you urgently in relation to your visa;
  • University Student Email Account: It is important to check your University student email account on a regular basis (at least once a day including during the vacations); this is the University's preferred method of communication to students. We will use your University student email account to send important messages regarding your visa;
  • Immigration/visa advice: If you want to talk to an immigration advisor in confidence please go to the Immigration Advice Service desk on the Ground Floor of the Carrington Building, Whiteknights campus. The Immigration Advice Service is the only department on campus that can offer immigration advice;
  • International Advisory Manager: Matt Daley is available if you have any questions and will be able to guide you as to who to talk to/action to take.

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