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The Reading Student Charter

Partners in Learning

Staff and students have worked together to develop this charter that clearly sets out what we all expect of each other. It recognises the importance of an effective partnership commitment, in which the University and its staff have professional obligations but where students are also responsible for themselves as learners and as individuals.

Students expect the University

  • to provide an excellent and varied learning experience;
  • to deliver degrees with relevant content informed by the latest research;
  • to provide access to learning resources and facilities that allow you to excel;
  • to offer opportunities to gain knowledge and skills useful for life beyond University;
  • to support students' professional development and access to career information, advice and guidance;
  • to provide a broad range of social, cultural, sporting and co-curricular activities;
  • to facilitate opportunities to express views which are considered and responded to.

Students expect staff

  • to teach in an engaging and varied manner that inspires learning;
  • to give timely and constructive feedback on work;
  • to provide effective pastoral and learning support when needed;
  • to respond, communicate and consult in a timely and effective manner;
  • to recognize the student body to be a diverse collection of adults who are partners with an equally important voice in their learning.

The University expects students

  • to work hard at their studies and to be active partners in shaping their experience of HE;
  • to seek out opportunities to enhance their understanding and to develop practical and intellectual skills;
  • to take advantage of the wealth of activities (social and developmental) provided by the University and the Students Union;
  • to be aware that their conduct affects other students and reflects on the University, and to act accordingly;
  • to provide constructive feedback on their time at Reading through the Students Union and directly to the University.

Staff expect students

  • to be pro-active in managing their learning and in seeking help when needed;
  • to be enquiring in their thinking;
  • to manage their time to fulfil academic and other commitments;
  • to engage fully with all academic commitments;
  • to conduct themselves and to engage in their studies with honesty;
  • to keep appointments and to communicate with staff in a timely and courteous manner;
  • to take ownership of their own health and well being.

We all expect each other

  • to treat one another with respect, tolerance and courtesy, regardless of identity, background or belief, both in person and online;
  • to show responsible stewardship of the university environment, facilities and resources;
  • to challenge one another intellectually and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge;
  • to work fairly and effectively with one another both inside and outside the academic context;
  • to be accountable for our actions and conduct;
  • to recognize and value positive contributions from others.

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