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Vice-Chancellor's China scholarship scheme – University of Reading

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    Apply to attend a fully funded scholarship in Beijing this summer

Vice-Chancellor's China scholarship scheme

Applications for 2018 ARE closed.


What is this Scholarship?

During a trip to China in November 2013, the Vice-Chancellor visited some of the University of Reading's key partners and learnt that they provide Summer Programmes that allow international students to visit and learn more about China and Chinese culture.

This led to the development of the Vice-Chancellor's China Scholarship Scheme – a scheme in which a cohort of students are provided with full funding for a place at a top ranked University in Beijing, China. Launched in the summer of 2014 the scheme provides a maximum of £3,000 per student which covers flights, accommodation and visas (organised and booked by the University) and a daily stipend for food and drink.

Partner UniversitY

Peking University (PKU) is a major Chinese research university located in Beijing. It was the first established modern national university of China, founded as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898. Today, Peking University is frequently placed as one of the best universities in China by many domestic and international rankings, and is home to more than 7,000 international students.

About the summer school OPPORTUNITY

The Peking Summer School last approximately 28 days (c. 01-28 July 2018), and offer the chance to take modules such as Chinese culture, Chinese language, the politics of China, the Economy of China and Chinese literature. Classes are made up of students from all around the globe. This is an amazing opportunity, to not only experience the capital city of China, but to also make new friends from different countries.

eligibility for this scheme

These scholarships are open those students who have a keen interest in China, Chinese, East Asia or who are just looking for a new adventure.

The scheme is only open to undergraduate UK and other nationals (who don't hold a Republic of China passport, and are able to secure a visa); Participants must return to the University of Reading for a minimum of 12 months further study following completion of the Scholarship programme.

Please read the VCCSS Terms & Conditions for further information.

The 2017 China Scholars

VCCSS_JoshJosh Summerfield is in his final year of his BSc Economics and Finance degree

The opportunity to spend a month in Beijing has been one of the major highlights of my time spent at the University. Every morning I would wake up feeling like the day had something new to offer me. New experiences, new sights, new food or new people – anything! I didn’t just learn about China, but about the countries and backgrounds of all the different people I met at the university. A truly memorable experience.

Read Josh's Blog here.


VCCSS_AshleeAshlee Fontaine is in the second year of  her BA English Literature and Film & Theatre degree

Studying abroad in China was a unique sensory experience. From the quaint, bustling hutongs, soaked in culture, to the smell of street food and the sounds of locals' traditional language of Mandarin, I was in awe of Beijing. Yet the visuals were the most rewarding part: the multitude of historical monuments with their detailed architectural designs, and this includes the renowned Peking University itself. I could not stop taking photographs!

Read Ashley's Blog here.


VCCSS_DanielleDanielle Prygodzicz is in the third year of her BA French degree

This has been an incredible highlight to my time studying at Reading. Having studied Chinese Language for two years with IWLP, studying for a month at Peking University gave giving me a real sense of Chinese culture and daily life as a student in the bustling capital of Beijing. I thoroughly enjoyed the modules and teachings at the summer school alongside the chance to explore the city and what it has to offer.

Read Danielle's Blog here.


VCCSS_Rebecca (small)Rebecca Kilduff is in her second year of her BA Art and Philosophy degree

Read Rebecca's Blog here.





VCCSS_Karyn (small)

Karyn Lewis is in the final year of her BSc Biological Sciences degree

It was an outstanding experience and a personal wish fulfilment. I feel fortunate to have been able to study at a prestigious university, meet absorbing and brilliant people and experience a new culture. The cherished connections and friendships I have made I will have for a long time and I wish to forge a path eastward as I go on with my career.

Read Karyn's Blog here . 

2016 china SCHOLARS

 Amelia Page from England is in the final year of a BA Archaeology and History degree

"As an Archaeology and History student my experience of China and its culture has allowedAmelia me to put all I have learnt in a classroom into practice and experience first hand a very different history; from on top of the world on the Great Wall to the vastness, depths of traditions and protocols of the Forbidden City. China is truly an amazing country and I will never forget the hospitality, openness and friendship that the Chinese people showed me."

Read Amelia's blog here


Bethany Marsden from England is in the second year of a BSC Speech and Language Therapy degree.Bethany

"What an experience! I met incredible people and heard inspiring stories, saw temples, palaces and wonders of the world, learnt Tai Chi, walked through towering sky scrapers and jaw-dropping mountains. Throughout it all I was able to learn more about this amazing country by the most prestigious university in China. It took just one step out of my comfort zone to have life-changing memories that will stay with me forever. "

Read Bethany's blog here.


 Dorotea De Angeli from Switzerland is in the third year of a MMathematics degree.Dorotea

"I began my journey with a quote: "Walking ten thousand miles of the world is better than reading ten thousand scrolls" and I couldn't agree more with it. You can read as many books as you want, but the difference between picturing and actually experiencing it is huge. I left China wanting to explore more and that's what I'm going to do in the years to come!"

Read Dorotea's blog here.


Francisca Agina from Kenya is in the final year of a BA International Relations and Economics degree.Fran

"I have had the opportunity to study at a top university, meet wonderful people, eat amazing food and experience a culture like no other. I have learnt so much in this one month in Beijing and I must say the experience has helped me to realise that there is no situation that I cannot adapt to."

Read Francisca's blog here.


 Roxanne Corker from England is in the final year of a BA English Literature degree.Roxy

"Now I'm back in England, I'm still transfixed with the knowledge and things I gleaned from Peking University and Beijing. The experience of studying, living, travelling and communicating in an entirely alien language, on the far side of the earth, is honestly life altering. In 2008 I remember watching the Beijing Olympics from my little English home in London... In 2016, I went there to study, with four other fantastic women. Thankyou for this opportunity, it most definitely shall not be squandered! "

Read Roxanne's blog here.

2015 china scholars

Antonis Stylianou from Cyprus studied for a LLB Law degree.

"Being awarded with the Vice-Chancellor China Scholarship to study at Peking University in China in 2015 was an extraordinary experience that opened my eyes to new horizons and increased my understanding of Asian culture, customs and medicine. I took every chance to explore and learn more about the country and the people that live there and in turn, this adventure pushed me to dig deeper and get out of my comfort zone. Where else would you eat scorpions, try bizarre traditional medicines, and conquer the Great Wall whilst making friends with people from Canada to Australia, all in one day?!"

Read Antonis' blog.


Freddy Farias-Arias from Ecuador studied for a BA Politics and Economics degree.

"Going to the other side of the world really opens your eyes to different ways of life and, although the world may seem bigger because of the long flights, the fundamental differences between us grow smaller. At the end of the day, we are all humans who just so happened to be born in another town on the other side of the world".

Read Freddy's blog.


Olivia Norman from Wales studied for an Ancient History degree.

"My time in Beijing was incredible because I had never imagined how truly different life would be there, and how much of it I would be able to experience in just one short month. My trip to China has been the highlight of my time at the University of Reading and I am so grateful to have so many memories of such an amazing place."

Read Olivia's blog.


Regina Lim from Malaysia studied for a BSc Quantity Surveying degree.

"As Lao Tzu once said, 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. The first step was to apply for this scholarship and then receiving it was one of the best cultural experiences. I left China, hungry for more."

Read Regina's blog.


2014 China Scholars

Chloe-Ella Rose


Chloe-Ella Rose from Britain studied for a BA in Theatre Arts, Education & Deaf Studies degree.

"Not only would I like to explore China for a personal adventure, but to gain knowledge for my current university degree. Travelling to China would enable me to learn about the international deaf community and to discover Chinese Sign Language." Read Chloe-Ella's blog.


   Read Anh's blog

Nguyen Nhat Anh Hoang from Vietnam is in the final year of an MPharm Pharmacy degree.

"I have a deep passion for Chinese and have studied it for two years. I have also read many historical martial-art-based novels of China and have been fascinated by the humanity values, the spirit and braveness of the heroes – which in turn have become part of my ideology.  I have always dreamt that one day I will visit all the splendid places described in the books."  Read Anh's blog.

    Ashleen La Malfa Donaldson

Ashleen La Malfa-Donaldson from Britain studied for a BA in Graphic Communication.

"Studying in China would be an excellent opportunity for me to explore the world's most populous country, rich in culture and history. I have a great desire to explore and contribute different ideas throughout the valuable experience the programme will provide." Read Ashleen's blog.

  Read Jessi's blog

Jessi Smith from the USA studied for a Nutrition and Food Consumer Sciences degree.

"Not only do I have an intense passion and dedication for broadening my understanding of new cultures, I am also aware that China is a growing influence in the food and nutrition markets. Experiencing the Chinese lifestyle would increase my ability to globally express scientific and cultural aspects of food that are often under represented in western cultures." Read Jessi's blog.

  Read Piers' blog

Piers Waldron from Britain studied for a Politics and International Relations degree.

"A unique opportunity to further develop my intellectual and academic understanding of the Chinese political system in all of its diversity. I want to experience and learn the customs and cultures of a growing superpower in the
ever-evolving world of politics." Read Piers' blog.

  Read Obbie's blog

Obotlhale Mpetang from Botswana studied for a Quantity Surveying degree.

"Being an international student has developed my interest in cultural diversity. I would like to experience how it is to live in China, one of the fastest growing economies with a distinct strong culture.  I believe the experience would give me a holistic view of China's building architecture and of legends told, as well as a feel for different cultures,  which in turn would impact on my career." Read Obbies' blog

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