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People Plan Programme - "Working to fine tune what behaviours we expect from each other"

Colour photograph portrait of Nasreen Majid

Following feedback from colleagues about the need for greater clarity around leadership expectations at the University, we have developed a new leadership framework. The 3Rs framework is built around three overarching principles – Resourceful, Responsible and Respectful – each of which encompass a cluster of behaviours to draw upon in the context of what needs to be achieved and how. We are currently testing the model with some Schools and Functions to build examples of different applications of the framework. Further details of these will be posted here.

Volunteer members of the People Plan Board have led this work along with colleagues in People Development. We caught up with People Plan Board member Nasreen Majid who has been involved in the Leadership and Management Behaviours project to find out more:

“I have been working with the group to fine tune what behaviours we expect from each other and create a model that can be deployed across the University in a collegiate way. This should embed itself in the fabric of people’s expectations as how leaders behave. The 3Rs can also be used to have structured conversations at all levels to come to joint solutions to problems. This is also about feeling valued as a leader, providing new strategic guidelines on how we develop as leaders and opportunities for developing leadership.

“It’s been a privilege to be a part of this group and I look forward to continuing the work at a school/Institute level. The way that the collaboration happened in smaller groups to implement solutions or find ways forward has been really useful and helpful. Working with colleagues who are experts in leadership has enabled me to look at the IoE from the outside in order to understand how to deal with the range of situations one encounters as a leader. A different perspective is always helpful to rethink and adjust styles of leadership. This has been a transformative experience for me and has offered me a great opportunity for personal development too.

“Understanding how leadership and management works in other parts of the University has allowed me to reflect on my own approach to leadership and management and so has informed my management practice. This network will be carried forward and I look forward to being a part of it.”

Nasreen Majid is a lecturer in primary mathematics at the Institute of Education.

This is part of a series of articles updating the activity of the People Plan Programme in which there will be a summary of the project to date as well as a personal view from one of those involved.

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