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Network Week - LGBT+ Network

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The LGBT+ network was founded in 2014 as an inclusive support network for colleagues identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, as well as other sexual and gender identities, and their allies. The network has a social and representative function, ensuring that new and established members of staff and postgraduate research students across the University feel supported by a visible yet informal network.

The LGBT Plus network is led by Alina Tryfonidou and Allán Laville who work closely with Simon Chandler-Wilde, Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Yasmin Ahmed, the Diversity and Inclusion Advisor. We caught up with Allán and Alina to find out a bit more:

“We want the network to be a safe space for LGBT+ staff, postgraduate research students and their allies. The core of the network is around termly social events, but we also act as a confidential first point of contact if you have an issue. We listen and are able to contribute to University policy and ensure best practice as well as acting as a pathway to the LGBT+ mentoring scheme.

“We are both highly motivated to share our experience with the network and bring different skills and knowledge to the network. Our work aligns with the role of co-chair with Allán able to contribute to workplace experience and Alina more happy working with practice and policy. The role offers both of us excellent opportunity for personal development too.

“We understand that the experience of being ‘out’ isn’t the same for everyone and there can be a difference with this in our work and home lives. But we strongly encourage any LGBT+ colleagues to join the network. We’re here to help support you and, by sharing your experience, we can enrich our work lives to everyone’s benefit.”

The Network hosts termly social events as well as specific regular events, e.g. the recent LGBT+ Research Showcase or the upcoming Wolfenden Lecture: Our Trans Lives. The next termly social event is on 17 July, 13:00-14:00 and all are welcome to come.

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