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New Heads for SPCLS, SAGES, SPEIR and IOE announced

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The University is pleased to announce the appointments of the Heads of the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences (SPCLS), School of Politics, Economics and International Relations (SPEIR), School of Archaeology, Geography and Environment Science (SAGES) and Institute of Education (IoE).

Carmel Houston-Price and Graham Schafer will jointly head SPCLS. Carmel is Professor of Language & Cognitive Development and worked at University of Reading Malaysia from 2014-17 as the Academic Director (Research) and Head of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences. Graham has been at Reading since 1997 and is Associate Professor of Cognitive Development. He has been closely associated with Psychology‘s MSc programmes and is currently Postgraduate Admissions Tutor for Psychology, and SPCLS’s Director of International Recruitment.

Uma Kambhampati and Cathy Tissot have been reappointed in their roles for a six-year term – Uma as the Head of SPEIR and Cathy as the Head of IoE. Both have been very successful over their first term of appointment.

Steve Musson has been appointed as the Head of SAGES, starting his new role on 1 August 2019. Steve is an economic geographer and currently heads the Department of Geography and Environmental Science.

Mark Fellowes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Planning and Resource) led the recruitment for all four positions. He said, “I am truly delighted with all the appointments.  Uma and Cathy are both successful leaders, who have effectively steered SPEIR and IoE through turbulent times. Carmel and Graham are experienced leaders who understand SPCLS and have the confidence of their colleagues. The current Head of SPCLS, Laurie Butler, will be greatly missed but I’m sure he will be pleased to know that the School will be in good hands. Steve Musson brings the empirical focus of his research to the SAGES role and is deeply committed to his vision for the School. I look forward to working with them as they seek to enhance the reputation and presence of their Schools in the sector.”

Carmel Houston Price and Graham Schafer said, “We’re delighted to accept a joint appointment as Heads of SPCLS. We are looking forward to working with colleagues in all parts of our School and from the wider University and we are confident that together we will rise to the many challenges facing us in the coming few years.”

Steve Musson said, “I am delighted to have been appointed and look forward to working with colleagues to build on the strengths and successes of SAGES over the coming six years. These are exciting and challenging times for the School.”

Uma Kambhampati said, “I am happy to continue leading SPEIR over the next few years. The School is involved in a range of initiatives, which together with the strength of our academics, will I hope help us meet the current challenges of the academic environment in the UK.”

Cathy Tissot said, “I feel lucky to be able to continue in my role and am very proud to be able to lead such a strong team of academics and researchers at the Institute of Education.”

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