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Changes to parking monitoring from 1 April


The University is changing its parking monitoring system from 1 April.

Any vehicles parked illegally and/or not displaying a valid parking permit will receive a penalty charge notice. Currently, the first instance of a violation of the University’s parking regulations results in a warning. The warning is being discontinued and will be replaced by an automatic penalty charge notice.

The change is to help us ensure that those who park without a permit do not disadvantage colleagues who have paid to park on the campus. Since 2015, Total Parking Solutions Limited (TPS) – who monitoring our parking spaces – have issued nearly 2000 warnings.

The University is exceptional in operating a warning and second/subsequence offence penalty charge, as this is not standard operating practice within parking monitoring organisations including local councils.

The parking regulations for all types of permit holders set out the situations in which a parking fine would be issued. The parking facilities also have clear signs detailing the parking requirements when on campus.

The student body is also briefed during their welcome week induction about not bringing a car to campus but if they need to, they must adhere to our parking regulations as part of their application and acceptance of a permit.

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