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What is Public Art?

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The University of Reading is commissioning a series of new public art works for the campus. As we prepare to welcome our first artist later in 2019, we want to spark some curiosity and invite discussion about the what, why, where and how of public art. Join us for a series of events 4-8 March 2019.

What is public art? Is it large? Or small? Is it abstract or functional? Can it be a bench, a lamp post or a window? Is it a sculpture, a picture, a film? How can it change our daily lives? Where on campus would you put it? Could it improve our wellbeing? What do you think?

More information is available online and or you can take part on Twitter using the hashtag #WhatIsPublicArt. Look out for postcards around campus to spur discussion and add your thoughts.

To reserve your place on the Lunchtime Workshops and the Tree Walks please email Miranda Laurence– all other events you are welcome to drop into.

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