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New project to introduce Lecture Capture

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The University has agreed to fund the provision of recording live lectures and teaching sessions in a majority of central teaching spaces at our Whiteknights and London Road campuses.   

This project is part of the University’s ambition to deliver learning capture, comprising both Personal Capture and Lecture Capture.

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture allows the recording of a live lecture or teaching session, which typically includes recording both the speaker’s voice and presentation screen. In our larger teaching rooms, colleagues also will be able to include a video recording of the member of staff leading the session. The recording can be reviewed and edited before it is shared with students through Blackboard. 

Why are we introducing Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture has been consistently requested by our students though several channels including student surveys, Student Staff Liaison Committees and the RUSU Student Voice forum. This reflects sector trends, where Lecture Capture is increasingly becoming a standard technology. In a recent survey, 75% of the 103 universities who responded had a centrally provided Lecture Capture facility (UCISA, 2018). We believe Lecture Capture is important for our recruitment and retention of top-quality students.

Recording lectures offers a number of benefits to supplement student learning, such as: the ability to revisit parts of the lecture students have not understood; revision for exams and assignments; easing the need for note-taking in class; supporting students for whom English is a second language; and helping students catch up if they have missed classes due to illness (Leadbeater et al, 2013; Elliott and Neal, 2016; Hall and Ivaldi, 2017).There is also literature identifying concerns around Lecture Capture, including the impact on student attendance and on the lecturing experience (Edwards and Clinton, 2018; Joseph-Richard et al, 2018). We are aware of these potential issues and will work with colleagues to address them as part of the project.

What are the aims of the Lecture Capture project?

The project will deliver both physical and technical implementation, and adoption into teaching practice and student learning.  

Voice and presentation screen recording will be provided in the majority of rooms, with the additional capability to record video in larger central teaching rooms with capacity of 95+. Central storage will be provided for recordings, along with the ability to make recordings available through Blackboard.

Training and guidance will be made available to staff on both the practical and educational aspects of Lecture Capture. The project also will work with students and develop guidance on how they can best use Lecture Capture to support their learning. 

Who is involved in the project?

The project is sponsored by Professor Gavin Brooks, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning. A Project Board is being established with representation from Schools, RUSU and Functions. A Project Manager has been appointed, and will be working with a project team which includes staff from IT and CQSD.

We will be advertising opportunities for teaching staff and students to be involved in the project over the next year and we are keen to hear from a wide range of colleagues, to help us shape what is a significant, strategic project for the University.

If you have queries or comments, please contact Vicki Holmes (Head of Technology Enhanced Learning) or Anton Lawrence (Assistant Director IT). Full references to the cited articles can be provided.

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