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University launches double PhD programme with MGIMO

Vincenzo Raimo exchanges contracts with MGIMO official

Vincenzo Raimo, the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement), accompanied by the Vice-Dean (International) of Henley Business School Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, travelled to Moscow to sign a Double PhD agreement between Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia) and Reading. This builds on the University's existing relationship and current double undergraduate degree programme.


The parties discussed the existing formats of cooperation in the undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as prospects for joint research projects in the future and signed an agreement on the creation of the Double PhD between MGIMO and Henley Business School. This builds on the existing cooperation (since 2012) between MGIMO and the University. In 2013, the first Double masters in International Relations, Law and Finances were launched, followed by the Double Bachelor Degree in Politics and International Relations in September 2018.


First nine Double Degree students started in Moscow this autumn

The first nine undergraduate students will complete a first and second year at MGIMO, and then progress to Reading, in 2020, to complete their last two years of BA Politics and International Relations. They will be awarded two Bachelor degrees in the end of the programme, one from the University of Reading and one from MGIMO. Similarly future PhD students will be given the opportunity to defend a thesis at MGIMO and the University of Reading, and will be awarded a PhD from each institution. MGIMO is a prestigious Russian University, specialising in international relations, regional studies, and international law and is famous for producing political, economic and civic professionals.

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