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2026: Transform: central Library stairs to be demolished

Exterior of University library

The Library refurbishment has now progressed to demolishing the stairs behind the lifts. Preparation will begin with acoustic partitions being put in place and demolition itself planned to begin in January 2019. You may experience construction noise, despite the acoustic partitions to help reduce the volume. There will still be access to upper floors and quiet study space available in the Library@URS.

Although the stairs behind our existing lifts will be out of use, access will be maintained to at least two of the lifts throughout the works. The central staircase leading up from the main hall will remain the main stairs, with other stairs around the edges of the building available for emergency evacuation.

This phase of construction will sometimes involve noisy or disruptive works. Please make use of the quiet and silent study space in the Library@URS building, as well as the variety of alternative study space options across campus. A full guide on availability of study space across the campus can be seen here: 2026: Transform: study space update 

Demolishing this staircase will create space for print hubs on every floor and a silent study PC area on the 5th floor. Find out more about the project on our Library refurbishment webpage.


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