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IT: upgrading to Windows 10

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Microsoft have announced that they will stop support for Windows 7 in January 2020 which means that they will no longer provide vital security updates or bug/feature patches for it.

As Windows 7 is still the main operating system used at the University, we need to upgrade all our Windows 7 computers to Windows 10 before 2020. We will be doing this with a phased rollout up until that point.

As well as reducing the risk to the University if we were to keep using older operating systems, this upgrade provides the opportunity for the University to improve the user experience and to reduce some of the costs of running multiple operating systems.

Upgrade Rollout Plan

New Staff PCs: Since July 2018 all new PCs purchased for staff members have come with Windows 10 installed as its operating system (unless specifically requested otherwise).

Computer Labs: Most of the Labs have been upgraded to Windows 10 and the remainder will be finished over the Christmas break.

More Software

Methods for accessing Software:

  • Apps Anywhere has had over 120 applications added to it.
  • Software Center for software not available on Apps Anywhere
  • Software Store provides information on Software and where to access them.

Can’t find the Software you want?

  • IT Service Desk to request Software that is not available on the above methods.

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