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People Plan Programme: "I want people to be happy and flourish at work"

Jane Clark

10 October is World Mental Health Day which seems like a good time to talk about the People Plan Programme Well-being project. This has been awarded funding of £10,000 from the University Strategic Fund, in addition to a number of the staff welfare projects awarded funding through the Staff Forum that also align with the well-being agenda. The first of these projects are taking shape now, including expanding access to Mental Health First Aid Awareness training.

We caught up with People Plan Programme Board member Jane Clarke who has been involved in the Well-being project group to find out more:

"I have a long-standing interest in well-being and have always wanted people to be happy at work and flourish. Knowledge about mental health issues can equip you to do this but it's also being aware of how these issues affect people, whether that's your team, students or the wider community.

There is more awareness of mental health issues both individually and within the education system, so more students with these issues are coming into higher education. Combined with increasing numbers of students year on year there has been a gradual increase in workload but it doesn't feel like there is a corresponding increase in resource. It's nice, therefore, that the People Plan Programme focusses on staff.

"At the People Plan Board meeting there was a great variety of discussion and, though, some always say more than others Steve Mithen was keen to hear everyone's views. It's been good getting to know people that you may have met once before or only know via email. This, in turn, improves community and service accessibility. I am optimistic that the group voice will be that things will change as a result of this initiative."

This is the third in a series of articles updating the activity of the People Plan Programme in which there will be a summary of the project to date as well as a personal view from one of those involved. You can read about the other projects:

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