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People Plan Programme - "Sharing my passion for working at the University"

Colour photograph portrait of Tony Parr

A Change Management Working Group has been created by the University Executive Board (UEB) including members of the People Plan Programme. The group has been asked to identify how the University can improve its current approach to managing the process of change. Involving volunteers of the People Plan Board will ensure that a wide range of perspectives and requirements is included. The group will work with UEB to ensure that the University manages change more openly and transparently and support colleagues through future change.

We caught up with People Plan Board member Tony Parr who has been involved in the Change Management project to find out more:

“I wanted to be involved with this as I have been working at the University for twenty-six years and my passion for working here is the same as when I first started. The University is a good working environment with a lot of people working here that care about what they do.

As a part of this project I’ve gained an appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes at the University and have enjoyed getting to know people from across the campus.

“Though I’m probably the least senior member of the group I didn’t feel intimidated and there is a feeling that no one is no more or less than anyone else. The discussions that are taking place are very open and though the scope of the project is vast a number of priorities have been set for further discussion. There was an acknowledgement that change hadn’t been handled necessarily well in the past and the People Plan Programme gives an opportunity for your voice to be heard and any future change managed better.

“Having been on this project I was then invited to speak to the recruitment consultants appointing the new Vice-Chancellor.”

Tony Parr is a Building Support Officer for Campus Services

This is the second in a series of articles about the People Plan Programme - which provide a summary of the project to date as well as a personal view from one of those involved. You can read about the Leadership and management behaviours project here.

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