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New PER[form] space to be unveiled 22 May, 5.00 pm

New PER[form] space 22 May

If you’ve been near Park House today, you may have seen an interesting new structure take shape – say hello to the PER[form] space! 

In association with makers and designers Invisible Studio, the School of Architecture have today unveiled a new PER[form] space on Whiteknights campus, adjacent to Park House. 

Designed and built by second-year Architecture students, the space provides a platform for outdoor performances for the School of Arts and Communication Design (SACD) and for the rest of the University community. The PER[form] space will be formally unveiled later today at 5.00pm at the Meadow (opposite Park House) – please come and take a look! 

Details of upcoming performances, happenings and events should be available shortly, and the performance space will feature in our upcoming June Open Days. 

The project is one of several creative ventures under the University’s Visual Arts Strategy, which aims to enhance the campus experience through arts, and to harness the creative talent and opportunity that exists across the University.


If PER[form] seems familiar to you, it’s because it relates to the School of Architecture’s end of year exhibition, 'Make Design Per(form)', which explores the student journey of discovering design processes and learning through making.  

SACD staff and students were part of the evolution of the brief for the structure, working closely with Architecture staff and students to create the final brief. This project is part of one of their construction technology modules for Architecture second-year students.

The idea has been to combine the School of Architecture’s Built Structure Project 2018 with a pilot for an outdoor performance that integrates teaching in Theatre, Art and other subjects.

The brief for the project was to set out a requirement for a rehearsal and performance space that:

  • offered a flexible and adaptable space for experimentation
  • could accommodate both performers and  audience 
  • would promote sustainability through the use of recyclable/recycled materials.
  • encouraged interdisciplinary learning through making

The students have worked with experienced practitioners and makers to design and build a structure that responds to these requirements.

Visual Arts Strategy

The University’s Visual Arts Strategy sets out a bold ambition to be a regional leader in the field of the visual arts.

‘Visual arts’ encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, design, photography, video, filmmaking, theatre and performance, literature and architecture.

We are committed to proactively seeking and facilitating opportunities for commissioning public art on campus, and on other spaces linked to the University. Public art will also be commissioned as part of all forthcoming major capital developments.

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