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Contacting the Estates & Facilities helpdesk

Estates & Facilities helpdesk

The Estates & Facilities helpdesk provides a single point of contact through which issues can be recorded or work requested.

The helpdesk takes work requests for the following Estates & Facilities teams: Building Maintenance, Grounds, Projects, Cleaning, Portering and Property Services.

Anyone is able to call the helpdesk, including all staff and students.

You can contact the helpdesk in the following ways:

By telephone:
Weekdays 8am - 4.30pm: Call extension 7000 (internal) or 0118 378 7000 (external)
Out of hours: Call extension 7799 (internal) or 0118 378 7799 (external)

By email: (not for use in emergencies)

Helpdesk request (not for use in emergencies)

For more information, visit the Estates & Facilities helpdesk website.


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